Honors College


Dean: Shannon L. Blanton, Ph.D
Associate Dean: Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, D.M.A
Assistant Dean: Mark Bevensee, Ph.D.
Director of Honors Advising and Retention: Amy Atkisson, MAE
Director of University Honors Program: Michael E. Sloane, Ph.D.


The UAB Honors College brings together intellectually curious students from all majors to form a close-knit community of emerging scholars. Our honors courses are designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in written and oral form, demonstrate critical thinking skills, integrate knowledge across domains, participate effectively in team endeavors, and function as ethical citizens of communities.

UAB Honors College students can either pursue our Personalized Pathway or choose one of our Specialized Programs  in global and community leadership (GCL), science and technology (STH), or interdisciplinary arts and sciences (UHP). We encourage students to visit http://www.uab.edu/honors for additional information on the Personalized Pathway and Specialized Programs. In addition, many of our honors students participate in departmental (major-specific) honors programs, Accelerated Bachelors/Masters Programs, Fast-Track/5th-Year Masters Programs, or Early Acceptance Programs.  These enhanced curricular and co-curricular opportunities are designed to stimulate high-ability students, build community, and prepare students to accomplish their long-term goals.

All UAB Honors College students benefit from the following:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Innovative honors seminars
  • Honors sections of core and elective courses
  • Unique experiential learning opportunities in service learning, undergraduate research, and study abroad
  • Special speaker series, discussion groups, and student activities
  • Additional academic advising
  • Honors Living Learning Communities (First Year Residence Halls)
  • Honors New Student Experience and Retreat (Required)
  • Opportunities for Honors Student Leadership
  • Engagement with Honors Faculty Fellows

Honors Student Leadership

Leadership development is an integral part of the honors student experience. UAB Honors College offers opportunities for students through workshops, coursework, and events throughout the year. In addition, we offer four formal student leadership groups:

  • Honors Ambassadors: A highly selective group of outstanding honors students, Honors Ambassadors are our official representatives and participate in a number of activities and events that connect visitors and other constituents of the UAB community – prospective students and their families; current students and alumni; administrators, faculty, and staff – to the UAB Honors College.  
  • Honors College Leadership Council (HCLC): Elected representatives of the Honors College student body, the HCLC leads efforts to advocate for the needs of the honors community, promotes the visibility of the Honors College both on and off campus, and seeks to foster a sense of community within the Honors College. The HCLC plans service, social, and educational events for all honors students.
  • Honors Resident Assistants: Honors RAs live with our first-year students in Honors Living Learning Community and help honors students adjust to college life and create community among new students.
  • Honors SMART Leaders: Student Mentor And Retreat Team (SMART) Leaders serve as a first point of connection for first year students, helping to ensure that they have the resources to find their place at UAB and in the Honors College. The select group of upperclassman work directly with incoming honors students to welcome them to the Honors community and assist new students in becoming acclimated to university life. 

Honors Faculty Fellows

UAB Honors College established our Honors Faculty Fellows program in 2016 to create stimulating academic enrichment experiences and enhance community. Faculty members are nominated and selected each summer. Recent Honors Faculty Fellows activities include a science fiction book club, an honors running club, resiliency training, and monthly seminars on timely topics (e.g., deception in relationships, the minimum wage, gun violence). 

Contacting the Honors College:

Mailing Address:
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-1242
  Physical Address:
  Honors Hall
  1321 10th Avenue South
  Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone: 205-996-7190

Email: honorscollege@uab.edu

UAB Honors College Commitment to Excellence

Honors College admission is a noteworthy achievement, recognizing not only demonstrated academic excellence but also potential for future success. The UAB Honors College is a scholarly community comprised of students, faculty, and staff who commit themselves to high standards of intellectual and personal integrity. As such, honors students should be among the most respectful, hard-working participants in any classroom. They should challenge themselves to think in new ways and to remain open to insight from others. In addition, they should be ethical community members continually looking for ways to serve their peers, the campus, and the local community.  

Admission Requirements

Incoming Freshmen:

In order to be admitted to the UAB Honors College, students must first be admitted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Following general university admission, there are two paths for incoming freshmen to join the UAB Honors College:

  • Invitation – Admitted students with a minimum ACT score of 28 or redesigned SAT score of 1310 (ERW+M) and a 3.5 GPA will receive an invitation mail to join the UAB Honors College. Students who join the UAB Honors College prior to the published deadline will have the option of applying to specialized programs in science and technology, interdisciplinary arts and sciences, and global and community leadership. All students offered admission into the UAB Honors College or its programs must confirm their enrollment no later than May 1 of their senior year.
  • Application – Students who do not meet the standardized test score or GPA requirements must submit an application in order to be considered for admission.  A committee of faculty and staff will review these materials and notify students of their admission status.

To learn more about enrolling in the UAB Honors College, please visit http://www.uab.edu/honors

Current and Transfer Students:

Current UAB students and transfer students may be eligible for admission into the UAB Honors College, provided that they have earned at least 12 hours of credit with a minimum 3.5 collegiate GPA. All current and transfer students must earn at least 18 credits of honors-level coursework during their time at UAB. Prospective current and transfer students should apply at http://www.uab.edu/honors and meet with an honors advisor to discuss possible admission into the UAB Honors College based on their existing academic profiles and future trajectories.

Continuation in the Honors College

UAB Honors College students are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative UAB GPA to remain in good standing. Each student's academic record is evaluated at the end of fall and spring semesters and any student who falls below the minimum requirement will be placed on immediate probation.  A student on probation will be required to meet with an Honors College advisor or the director of their program to discuss the student’s action plan to raise the cumulative UAB GPA to at least 3.0.  Students on probation have up to one year to raise their UAB GPA at least 3.0.  The probation period ends when a student’s GPA rises to at least 3.0 or after 1 year has elapsed.

Continued failure to meet minimums after the one year probationary period will result in suspension from the Honors College.  Suspension includes the loss of all privileges associated with being an honors student, including priority registration and honors graduation designation. In rare circumstances, a student may appeal to the Dean of the Honors College for an extension of the probation period or for reinstatement. Additional requirements may be required by individual honors programs for students to remain in good standing.

Honors-Level Courses

All UAB Honors College students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours of honors-level coursework to graduate with Distinguished Honors. Students who earn 30 or more honors credits will graduate with High Distinguished Honors. Specific requirements for our Personalized Pathway and our Specialized Programs are detailed in these sections.

Satisfactory Progress

UAB Honors College students are required to make satisfactory progress towards graduation. Students should meet with honors advisors to determine appropriate courses. In order to ensure completion of requirements, students must earn a minimum of six honors credit hours by the end of the first year in the Honors College and a minimum of 12 honors credit hours by the end of the second year.

Honors students are expected to be engaged citizens of the Honors College, UAB, and surrounding community. In fulfilling this expectation each student will participate in their own unique combination of enrichment opportunities.

Honor Code

Honors students are expected to uphold the highest standards. In order to remain in good standing, UAB Honors College students must follow the UAB Academic Integrity Code, the Honors College Academic Integrity Code, and the UAB Student Code of Conduct.