EDU-Education Courses


EDU 100. Touch the Future. 2-3 Hours.

Introduction to education for students with the intent to be teachers and students entering professions where a degree in education would be beneficial. Students own experiences will be used as input for developing habits of mind and dispositions necessary for success in the field of education. Required for entering freshmen education majors.

EDU 200. Education as a Profession. 3 Hours.

Formal introduction to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Using writing and discussion, the class provides a clear and realistic understanding of issues involved in choosing education as a career. Writing is a significant component of this course. Field experience required.

EDU 210. Writing and Speaking Skills for the Education Professional. 3 Hours.

Development of essential writing and speaking skills required for successful education practice. Writing is a significant component of this course.

EDU 300. Special Topics in Education. 3 Hours.

This course will focus on various topics currently trending in education.

EDU 425. Stem Applications for the Classroom. 1 Hour.

This course will familiarize teacher candidates with STEM applications in the classroom, including state initiatives such as Alabama Math and Science Initiative (AMSTI).

EDU 481. Student Teaching. 1-9 Hour.

Supervised teaching experience that includes individual mentoring and candidate support in meeting Alabama Educator Certification Assessment Program requirements.