Human Services Concentration

(Error Correction 6/12/17)

Updated Pre-Professional Requirements

PSC 101Foundations of American Government3
PY 218Abnormal Psychology3
CHHS 140First Aid3
CHHS 141Personal Health3
SW 200Professional Communication in Social Work3
EPR 214Introduction to Educational Statistics3
Total Hours18

Updated Major Requirements

A grade of "C" or better is required in all majors courses.

CHHS 350Introduction to Human Services4
CHHS 300Ethics in Policy and Health Promotion3
CHHS 305Social & Cultural Diversity3
CHHS 415Case Management in Human Services3
CHHS 420Helping Skills in Human Services4
CHHS 425Community Resources/Identification/Mobilization in Human Services3
CHHS 402Mental Health and Stress Management3
CHHS 408Drug Abuse Prevention and Education3
EPR 414Lifespan Human Development3
CHHS 423Human Sexuality3
PY 372Social Psychology3
CHHS 455Fund Raising in Human Services3
CHHS 460Leadership in Non-Profit Administration3
CHHS 499Community Health & Human Services Internship9
Concentration Electives 12
Total Hours62

New courses approved for Core Curriculum

(Approved 5/19/17)

Area I Composition:

EH 108 English Composition I for Second Language Writers and EH 109 English Composition II for Second Language Writers are approved for inclusion in Area I.

Area II Literature:

EH 212 Form of Literature and EH 213 Ideas in Literature are approved for inclusion into Area II.

Area III Natural Sciences:

PHS 102 Physical Science II is approved for inclusion into Area III.

Area IV History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences:

DCS 101 Media and Society and AAS 201 Honors Introduction to African American Studies are approved for inclusion into Area IV.

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

MG 309 Hogwarts School of Leadership and MG 405 Nonprofit Strategy and Entrepreneurship have been added to the list of electives for the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management.

New Student Orientation

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