Minor in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education

New minor approved 8/27/15

EHS 125Inquiry Approaches to Teaching1
EHS 126Step 2: Inquiry Based Lesson Designs1
EHS 325Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science3
EHS 326Classroom Interactions3
EHS 327Project-Based Instruction3
HY 275Perspectives on Science & Mathematics3
Approved Elective Courses (4-6 Hours)4-6
Total Hours18-20

Honors College - Change in Probation Policy

New policy approved 6/4/2015

Continuation in the Honors College

UAB Honors College students are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative UAB GPA to remain in good standing.  Each student's academic record is evaluated at the end of fall and spring semesters and any student who falls below the minimum requirement will be placed on immediate probation.  A student on probation will be required to meet with an Honors College advisor or the director of their program to discuss the student’s action plan to raise the cumulative UAB GPA to at least 3.0.  Students on probation have up to one year to raise their UAB GPA at least 3.0.  The probation period ends when a student’s GPA rises to at least 3.0 or after 1 year has elapsed.

Continued failure to meet minimums after the one year probationary period will result in suspension from the Honors College.  Suspension includes the loss of all privileges associated with being an honors student, including priority registration and honors graduation designation. In rare circumstances, a student may appeal to the Dean of the Honors College for an extension of the probation period or for reinstatement. Additional requirements may be required by individual honors programs for students to remain in good standing.

Minor in Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors 

New minor approved 12/20/14

BUS 101Introduction into Business3
or BUS 102 Business Foundations
BUS 310Accounting and Finance for Nonbusiness Majors3
BUS 311Creating & Delivering Customer Value3
ENT 270Idea to Entrepreneur3
ENT 425Entrepreneur to Enterprise3
ENT 426Practicum in Commercialization3
or ENT 445 Entrepreneurship Internship
or ENT 499 Directed Study in Entrepreneurship
Elective Courses (4-6 Hours)4-6
Apprentice Teaching
Mathematical Modeling
Research Methods
Biology Capstone - Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research
Education elective courses as approved by UABTeach academic advisor
Total Hours22-24