Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

New Major Approved on February 7, 2014

MU 224Aural Skills I1
THR 160Theatre Cornerstone1
MU 221Music Theory I3
THR 202Voice and Movement for the Actor I3
THR 108Ballet I2
MUP 140Private Lessons: Voice 11
MU 225Aural Skills II1
THR 154Beginning Acting3
MU 222Music Theory II3
THR 208Ballet II2
THR 203Voice and Movement for the Actor II3
MUP 240Private Lessons: Voice 11-2
THR 106Jazz I2
MUP 124Class Piano1
THR 100Introduction to the Theatre3
or THR 105 Introduction to Dance
THR 261Musical Theatre Showcase I1
THR 258Musical Theatre Performance I3
THR 204Beginning Production Practicum1-2
THR 254Intermediate Acting3
THR 361Musical Theatre Showcase II1
THR 205Beginning Performance Practicum1-2
MUP 340Private Lessons: Voice 11-2
THR 107Tap I2
THR 355Advanced Acting3
THR 451Musical Theatre History and Script Analysis3
THR 404Advanced Production Practicum1-2
THR 493Musical Theatre Capstone2
THR 461Musical Theatre Showcase III1
THR 462Special Workshop (Audition Techniques)3
MUP 440Private Lessons: Voice 11-2
THR 124Theatre Technology: Scenery and Lighting3
THR 200Plays on Film3
Dance Electives 26
Class Piano II1
THR 405Advanced Performance Practicum1-2

This course must be repeated once.


 Dance Electives are taken during the last two semesters, three hours per semester for a total of six hours.
Students should consult the Department of Theatre for information about approved courses.