GEO-Geography Courses


GEO 101. Intro to Geography. 3 Hours.

Basic concepts and principles underlying major research traditions of geography, including earth science, culture-environment, and location and area analysis.

GEO 109. Intro to Urban Geography. 3 Hours.

External and internal spatial processes of cities and city systems with emphasis on contemporary urban problems.

GEO 121. World Regional Geography. 3 Hours.

Modern worlds great culture realms using basic ideas and concepts in field of geography.

GEO 221. Geography of North America. 3 Hours.

Nature and character of places, especially as caused by relationship between human beings and environment.

GEO 304. Looking at Earth: Maps Satellite Images and GIS. 3 Hours.

Introduction to maps as analytic tools in the social behavioral, and applied sciences. Students are provided training in the theory and methodsof cartographic representation, aerial and satellite image analysis and geographic information system. Equal weight will be placed on first priciples, practical training in computer methods, and case studies selected from different regions of the earth.
Prerequisites: GEO 101 [Min Grade: C]

GEO 415. Political Economy/Race in Bham. 3 Hours.

Critical analysis of race in the political economy of Birmingham from the postbellum period to the era of Civil Rights.

GEO 491. Environmental Policy. 3 Hours.

Institutions,processes, actors and key issues in environmental policy.