HRP-Health Related Professions


HRP 101. Experience the Univ Transition. 2 Hours.

Structured introduction to the college experience for entering freshmen with health professions majors.

HRP 105. Business Principles for Health and Life Sciences. 3 Hours.

Basic leadership concepts will be covered with special emphasis on oral and written communication, planning and goal setting, team building, decision-making and problem solving.

HRP 300. Survey of Health Professions. 2 Hours.

A survey of undergraduate and graduate health professions that provide patient care and other services in the health care delivery system. Designed to assist undergraduate students in career investigation.

HRP 401. Honors Seminar I. 1 Hour.

Introduction to leadership principles. Skills development in public speaking and presentations. Skills development in information searching, literature review and writing techniques.

HRP 402. Honors Seminar II. 1 Hour.

A continuation of HPR 401 with an emphasis on advanced leadership principles. Skills development in information critiquing and proposal writing and presentation techniques.

HRP 410. Honors Project. 1-3 Hour.

Development and completion of a scholarly project for presentation and publication under the direction of a faculty mentor. Two to four terms required for a minimum accumulation of 4 semester hours.