STH-Science and Tech Honors Courses


STH 151. Problem Analysis and Project Planning. 1 Hour.

Students will apply leadership and teamwork skills to analyze a problem or need and develop a plan to address the need. Skills such as developing measurable outcomes and communicating with stakeholders are emphasized.

STH 199. Introduction to the Scientific Process. 3 Hours.

Fall semester of freshman year. First-year Honors Seminar for students accepted in the Science and Technology Honors Program. Discussion of basic concepts of scientific methodology will be integrated with analysis of scientific journal articles and use of visual representations to communicate ideas. Students learn about research ongoing at UAB through working with a small team to analyze a scientific publication. The course will culminate in presentation of a poster representing their analysis of the article.

STH 201. Research Approaches. 3 Hours.

Spring semester of freshman year. Hands-on experience with research methods. Students participate in a lab experience such as biotechnology, engineering, molecular genetics, or chemical analysis in which they learn state-of-the-art techniques used in research laboratories.

STH 250. PrimeTime Leadership. 1-3 Hour.

Carry through leadership or innovation project. Document outcome of the project, report to stakeholder, and prepare public presentation of project.
Prerequisites: STH 151 [Min Grade: C]

STH 299. Interdisciplinary Seminar. 3 Hours.

Fall semester of sophomore year. Team-taught course with faculty from several disciplines addressing how a complex problem is addressed by multiple disciplines. This course will illustrate the synergy achieved by interdisciplinary analysis of problems.

STH 301. Statistics and Design Overview. 3 Hours.

Spring semester of sophomore year. Introduction to statistics and research design. Covers basics of experimental design and statistical decision theory; indices of central tendency, variability, and association; graphical data presentation; and statistical inference.

STH 302. Statistics/Design Overview Lab. 1 Hour.

Spring semester of sophomore year. Computer laboratory component of STH 301 Statistics and Design Overview. Lab will illustrate principles and provide hands-on experience with statistical methods.

STH 310. Communicating Science. 1-3 Hour.

Students will collaborate with university faculty and staff to produce media products which communicate scientific concepts to the public. Permission of instructor is required.

STH 350. Next Level Leadership. 1-3 Hour.

Oversight of team organized to sustain leadership or innovation project.
Prerequisites: STH 250 [Min Grade: C]

STH 394. Clinical Innovation Seminar. 1-3 Hour.

Students will rotate through clinical settings to identify problems in instrumentation or procedure that impede quality or efficiency. Students will analyze these problems and develop proposals for solutions. Prototypes may be produced.

STH 395. Honors Proposal Preparation. 1 Hour.

Seminar for students who are preparing to propose their honors thesis research project and have worked in a lab for a minimum of one semester. Students will present and discuss their research plans and provide input into the proposals of classmates. Honors thesis research proposals will be completed by the end of the semester and defended before a faculty committee. Students must have permission of the program director if they have not completed at least one semester of mentored research prior to taking this course.

STH 396. Internships/Community Projects/SL. 1-3 Hour.

Experiential learning through individually designed community based or clinically related experiences. Each project will have both experiential and academic components. Permission of program director is required.

STH 397. Independent Study. 1-3 Hour.

Individually designed academic course of study under the direction of a selected faculty member. Permission of the program director is required.

STH 398. Honors Research. 1-6 Hour.

Laboratory research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Permission of program director is required.

STH 399. Honors Thesis Research. 1-6 Hour.

Undergraduate research for student's honors thesis project under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Students may register for this course after approval of their honors thesis proposal in STH 395.
Prerequisites: STH 395 [Min Grade: C]

STH 400. Honors Thesis Preparation. 1 Hour.

Students will prepare their honors thesis in the format of a journal article during this course and present it to their faculty committee for approval.
Prerequisites: STH 395 [Min Grade: C]