Non-Academic Policies

Student Conduct Code

The Student Conduct Code promotes honesty, integrity, accountability, rights and responsibilities expected of students consisted with the core missions of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This Code describes the standards or behavior for all students, and outlines student's rights, responsibilities, and the campus processes for adjudicating alleged violations. Behavior that violates UAB standards of conduct listed within the Student Conduct Code and elsewhere will be subject to disciplinary action through the appropriate conduct process. Whether it is determined that an individual or group is responsible for the violation(s), either by direct involvement or by condoning, encouraging, or covering up the violation, appropriate response will occur with respect to the individual(s) and/or group involved.

Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment  Policy

UAB is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment, and the maintenance and promotion of nondiscrimination and prevention of discriminatory harassment in all aspects of education, recruitment and employment of individuals throughout the university.

Immunization Policy

UAB requires that first-time entering students, international students and scholars, and students in health-related schools provide proof of immunization against certain diseases.

Non-Resident Tuition Policy

This policy addresses non-resident tuition, certification of residency status by campus officials, and establishment of campus policies to administer an appeals process.

Drug-Free Campus Policy for Students

Unlawful possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of illicit drugs, controlled substances, or alcoholic beverages by any UAB student is prohibited.

Drug-Free Campus Policy for Students - Attachment A

This attachment for the Drug-free Campus Policy for Students outlines the Federal penalties and sanctions for the illegal possession of a controlled substance.

Drug-Free Campus Policy for Students - Attachment B

This attachment to the Drug-free Campus Policy for Students outlines the health risks associated with the use of drugs and alcohol.

Drug Free Campus/Workplace Policy - Attachment B.1

This Attachment to the Drug-Free Campus and Drug-Free Workplace Policies outlines effects related to the consumption of alcohol.

Drug-Free Campus Policy for Students - Attachment C

This attachment to the Drug-Free Campus Policy describes available programs through UAB offering counseling and assistance for drug and alcohol abuse.

Copyright Policy

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (the "University") is dedicated to instruction, research and service to benefit society and encourages its faculty, staff and students to carry out scholarly endeavors in an open and free atmosphere, and to publish the results of such work without restraint, consistent with applicable law and policy.

Patent Policy

UAB encourages the development of  procurement and licensing of patents for inventions in the interest of the public, the inventor, and the university. 

Data Protection and Security Policy

Data (electronic) created at UAB must be protected and maintained in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and university policies.

Student E-Mail Address Policy

November 10, 2003

See also:

Electronic Data Processing Security Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Network Usage Guidelines


UAB provides electronic mail resources in support of its instruction, research, and service activities. The purpose of this policy is to establish the use of electronic mail (e-mail) as one of the official methods for communicating with UAB students.

Official Communications Using E-Mail Addresses

In a similar manner as mail distribution of paper communiqués to a student's "permanent" address is considered an official method for distributions to students, so also are official e-mail messages sent by UAB to a student's "@UAB.EDU" e-mail address considered an official distribution method. For purposes of this policy, "official" communiqués or e-mails as used here are those established as "official" through other approval mechanisms in place at UAB.

Student Requirements and Responsibilities

Every student enrolled at UAB must have an e-mail address that ends with "@UAB.EDU". Such an e-mail address is required for a student to register for UAB credit courses. It is the student's responsibility to obtain an official UAB e-mail address in a timely manner from the UAB e-mail registering system (BlazerID World Wide Web site). This will require the student also to have a valid, current, and reliable electronic mailbox through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or portal or on a server administered by the student's academic department, or on the central mail service provided by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology. It is the student's responsibility to check his or her e-mail regularly for distribution of official UAB communiqués. UAB recommends that e-mail be checked at least once a day, when practicable. UAB is not responsible for lost, rejected, or delayed e-mail forwarded by UAB from a student's "@UAB.EDU" address to off campus or unsupported e-mail services or providers. Such lost, rejected, or delayed e-mail does not absolve the student from responsibilities associated with an official UAB communiqué sent to the student's official UAB e-mail address ("@UAB.EDU"). If there is a change in a student's e-mail address to which the"@UAB.EDU" alias address is re-directed, it is the student's responsibility to make the changes in the UAB e-mail registering system.

UAB Responsibilities

UAB will ensure that all students have access to an e-mail account and will provide means for students who do not otherwise have access to e-mail-capable computers to be able to check their e-mail through such mechanisms as computer labs, the UAB libraries, and public terminals. UAB will provide mechanisms to allow students to request that their e-mail addresses not be published in a similar way that other student directory information is not published. However, unpublished e-mail addresses will be used for sending official UAB communiqués to students including communications to a group of students such as a course e-mail list. Students also will be provided mechanisms for requesting that their e-mail addresses not be used for general UAB mailings that are not official communications with students. UAB is not responsible for the handling or mishandling of students' e-mail by non-UAB providers or by unofficial (non-@UAB.EDU) e-mail servers.

Student Records Policy

The University of Alabama at Birmingham student records policy complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. All students enrolled or previously enrolled at UAB have certain rights with regard to information included in their education records. These rights are the subject of this policy.

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