Admission as a Degree-Seeking Student

UAB welcomes applications from all individuals whose preparation and abilities give them a reasonable chance of success in its programs. All applicants must offer acceptable evidence of ability and intent to meet the academic standards of the university. Degree-seeking graduate students are those accepted into a specific graduate program to work toward a specific advanced degree. In addition to the completed online application, the application procedure includes the submission of official transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation. To be considered official, all academic documents required for admission must be mailed to UAB directly from the colleges/universities attended, and testing agencies. Degree-seeking applicants are also required to submit additional program-specific credentials and documentation. Each application is reviewed by the graduate program faculty, who make an admissions recommendation to the Graduate School Dean or a representative of the Graduate Dean. All credentials submitted as part of the application for admission become and remain property of the university and will not be returned to the student, duplicated, or transferred to another institution.

Any change in a student’s record prior to enrollment will necessitate a new review of the application. Any omissions or misrepresentations on a student’s application for admission will automatically invalidate consideration by and acceptance to UAB. If, after a student is admitted to the university, information comes to light that indicates an applicant did not meet all admission requirements, the applicant's offer of admission will be rescinded.

The application for admission, application instructions, and application deadlines can be accessed at

Admission as a Non-Degree Student

The non-degree category serves students who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree at UAB, as well as those who wish to begin graduate study before being admitted to a degree program. Not all graduate courses are open to non-degree seeking graduate students. Although there is no limit to the number of credit hours that may be earned as a non-degree seeking student, should a student later wish to pursue an advanced degree at UAB, the credit earned while in non-degree seeking status is not automatically acceptable toward the degree. A request for transfer of non-degree seeking credits will not be considered until the student has completed at least 9 semester hours of graduate credit in the current UAB program and is in good academic standing. No more than 12 semester hours earned as a non-degree graduate student may be applied toward an advanced degree at UAB. Students wishing to apply more than 12 semester hours are required to appeal to the  Graduate School Dean for permission.

Because of U.S. immigration requirements, international applicants (i.e., those who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents) cannot normally be considered for the non-degree category unless already residing in the United States. Immigration laws should be consulted to determine eligibility of international students.

Change from Non-Degree to Degree-Seeking Status

A student with a non-degree classification who wishes to change to a degree-seeking classification must apply via the degree-seeking application and submit the required documents (transcripts, entrance test score, recommendation letters, and program-specific supporting documents). Degree-seeking admission of non-degree students is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

Readmission as a Degree-Seeking Student

Students who have not registered for three (3) consecutive semesters will be changed to inactive student status and must apply for readmission before they will be able to register for courses at UAB. Degree-seeking students who meet the following criteria are able to apply for readmission by submitting the Application for Readmission to Graduate Degree Program form and paying the appropriate fee:

  1. Were admitted to a UAB Graduate Degree-Seeking Program within the last five years, and
  2. Have registered for and successfully passed at least one graduate course at UAB after being admitted to a IAB Graduate Degree-Seeking Program BUT have not registered for courses for one academic year (3 semesters) or more, and 
  3. Have not attended any other university or college in the interim, and
  4. Wish to return to the graduate program to which they were previously admitted

Readmitted students must meet the degree requirements operative at the time of readmission. Students who wish to return to the non-degree category after an absence of one or more years must submit a new non-degree online application along with the required processing fee. This form can be submitted online at by clicking "Apply Now."

Admission with Contingencies

Students lacking a limited number of specific qualifications may be admitted to graduate programs contingent upon completion of those qualifications. Graduate students admitted on contingency have until the end of the first enrolled semester to resolve all contingencies. Examples of contingencies that must be resolved are submission of official transcripts, official test scores, official degree statements, required course completion, etc. Students are informed of specific requirements for continued enrollment and the time allowed for completion at the time of admission. Failure to meet the requirements during the stipulated time will result in a registration hold until the contingency is resolved and may result in dismissal from the Graduate School.

Admission of Students Previously Dismissed

When any individual applies to a graduate program, a significant part of the admissions decision involves an estimate, based on the applicant’s academic history, of whether the applicant can perform satisfactorily at the graduate level. Applicants who have previously been dismissed from the Graduate School based on unsatisfactory academic performance must present convincing evidence to the program faculty and the Graduate School Dean that a substantial improvement has occurred so that it is probable that the applicant can now perform at the required level in graduate work.

Combined Degree Programs

UAB offers students opportunities to pursue two advanced degrees concurrently. These are limited primarily to students pursuing both a research degree (such as the Ph.D. or M.S.) and a professional degree (such as the M.D., D.M.D., O.D., or M.P.H.).

Students wishing to be enrolled in two programs concurrently should must submit an a degree-seeking application and be admitted to each program individually. UAB also offers a limited number of 5th year Masters (Fast Track) programs for students who wish to earn both the a Bachelors and Masters degree in five years.

A minimum number of credit hours must be met for each degree. Courses may be used to fulfill requirements for one degree, but not to fulfill the requirements for both degrees.

Concurrent Degrees

Students who do not qualify for a combined degree program but wish to begin work toward a second advanced degree may earn up to 12 semester hours in the additional program without special permission while simultaneously earning credit toward the original degree. However, no more than 12 semester hours earned in the first degree program may ever be applied toward the second degree.

UAB Employee Admission

To maintain university accountability, UAB faculty and staff who wish to take occasional graduate courses may only register for these courses after admission to the Graduate School in the non-degree seeking status. Admission of a UAB employee as a degree-seeking graduate student requires the concurrence of the applicant’s department chair and dean(s), as well as the approvals required for other applicants to the same program. For more information regarding Educational Assistance, visit the UAB Human Resources Web page at

UAB employees who wish to become full time graduate students and continue to work part time cannot work more than 10 hours per week outside their commitment to meet the requirements of their predoctoral program.

UAB employees who enroll in a Ph.D. program and continue to work full time must meet the following requirements:

  1. Cannot also be a full time student*
  2. Cannot enroll for more than 18 credit hours per academic year (including fall, spring and summer)*
  3. Are not eligible to be supported on a training grant as they are not full time students
  4. Cannot be simultaneously supported by a UAB Graduate Assistantship/Traineeship
  5. Thesis or dissertation work may not be initiated until the student enrolls in a program (i.e. data generated by the employee/student prior to enrollment that has been submitted for publication or published cannot be included in a thesis or dissertation)
  6. Must meet the same set of program requirements as all other students
  7. The dissertation committee is responsible for assuring that these stipulations are met
  8. The mentor/employer must acknowledge in writing their agreement for the employee to be a part time student while continuing to be a full time UAB employee. Written acknowledgments must be submitted to the program director and the Graduate School.*
  9. The Program Director and dissertation committee must agree in writing to a protracted course of study*

*Stipulations 1, 2, 8 and 9 do not apply to employees of companies which support their employees as full time students in a UAB Ph.D. program.

Equal Opportunity Policy

UAB administers its educational programs and activities, including admission, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability unrelated to job performance or Vietnam-era or disabled veteran status. The full text of this policy can be found

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