PTC-Health Focused Patient/Client Management

PTC 780. Hlth Focused Care in PT & OT. 3 Hours.

Overview of health promotion principles and health behavior theories as applied in contemporary health care, especially in rehabilitation services. Evidence is presented for the most prevalent preventable chronic diseases/conditions and the health behaviors that contribute to these conditions.

PTC 781. Health Focused Patient/Client Communication and Advocacy. 3 Hours.

Communication and advocacy strategies to effect behavior change at the individual and community level; application of evidence-based and best practice methods/techniques that empower individuals and community to change health-related behaviors.

PTC 782. Health Focused Patient/Client Management I. 3 Hours.

Application of evidence-based and best practice methods/techniques for physical activity/fitness, weight management, and nutrition optimization using a health focused care model.

PTC 783. Health Focused Patient/Client Management II. 3 Hours.

Examines how occupational and physical therapists address smoking cessation, alcohol moderation, sleep health, and stress management using a health focused care model for individuals and community groups. Issues addressed include screening, best practices for interventions, patient education resources, and consultation/referral sources to optimize health outcomes.

PTC 784. Health Focused Care - Synthesis Project. 3 Hours.

Synthesis of content from previous certificate courses to develop a health focused program in the clinical or community setting.