Public Health

These requirements apply to UAB's major in Public Health including concentrations in: General Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences and Global Health Studies.

Area V Transfer Student Pre-Professional & Elective Courses (19 semester hours)

Hours approved by the STARS approved Area V guide for Public Health: 19 Semester Hours

UAB Contact:

Name Nicole Gravitt
Title Program Manager II
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Please print this document and attach it to the Public Health Articulation Guide.  Together, this document and the articulation guide comprise the articulation agreement for a major in Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Name: ___________________________________________  Date: __________________________


Affuso, Olivia Thomas, Associate Professor, 2006, Ph.D. (North Carolina - Chapel Hill), Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Prevention
Allen, Shauntice, Assistant Professor, 2011, Ph.D. (UAB), Community resiliency and livability as well as environmental justice and health equity strategies
Austin, Erika, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 2015, M.P.H. (Florida), Ph.D. (Virginia), Health disparities among stigmatized populations, barriers to health care access, LGBT health and well-being
Becker, David J., Associate Professor, 2005, Ph.D. (University of California - Berkley), Specializes in health, labor and regulatory economics
Budhwani, Henna, Assistant Professor, 2012, M.P.H., Ph.D. (UAB), Health disparities and global health
Chambliss, Jessica, Instructor, M.P.H. (Texas-Houston)
Dickinson, Dale A., Associate Professor
Fontaine, Kevin, Professor and Chair, 2012, Ph.D. (Victoria University, UK), Obesity, non-descriptive placebo responses, resistance exercise, mirror visual feedback for pain, movement restrictions in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and the effects of carbohydrate restricted diets on systemic inflammation
Ford, Eric, Professor, 2017, Ph.D. (UAB), Strategic Management, Health Information Technologies, Value-Based Programs, Service integration and their combined effects on performance (both financial and population health related)
Griffin, Russell, Associate Professor, 2012, Ph.D. (UAB), Improving quality of care among trauma and burn patients, utilization of peritoneal dialysis in rural populations, and predictors of acute kidney injury among neonates.
Judd, Suzanne E., Professor, 2008, Ph.D. (Emory), Vitamin D, Longitudinal Cohort Studies, Data Management, Stroke, Dietary Patterns and Population Nutrition
Lanzi, Robin Gaines, Professor , 2009, M.P.H., Ph.D. (UAB), Adolescent parenting, child maltreatment, maternal depression, early intervention programs, developmental outcomes, research methods, ethical issues, and social policy
Lee, Heather J., M.P.H. (UAB)
McCormick, Lisa, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Public Health, Dean's Office, 2010, Dr.PH. (UAB), Public health preparedness and response, the organization of response systems, and assessing interorganizational networks as a dimension of response capacity and community resiliency
Michael III, Max, Professor, 2001, M.D. (Harvard)
Padilla, Luz, Assistant Professor, 2016, M.S.P.H.; M.D. (Guadalajara), International health disparities and Global Studies
Perumean-Chaney, Suzanne, Assistant Professor, 2004, B.S., M.S. (Nevada), Ph.D. (SUNY Albany), Problem-based learning, teaching statistics online, adolescent at-risk behaviors, microaggression, complementary and alternative medicine, general and generalized linear models and count data
Redden, David T., Professor and Vice Chair, 2001, Ph.D. (Alabama), Regression of Diagnostics, Admixture, Association Studies, Group Randomized Trials