Education Abroad

Director: Ashley Neyer

Advisor: Felicia Baltzell

Contact: | 205-975-6611


The mission of the UAB Office of Education Abroad (UABEA) is to administer, establish, and send UAB students on high-quality education abroad opportunities to prepare them for success in the globalized world.


Pursuant to our mission, UABEA engages in the activities described below.

Study Abroad: Take courses for which academic credit is received and transferred to UAB on our supported study abroad programs.  This includes academic credit for student exchanges, UAB affiliate programs, and faculty-led programs that feature traditional classes, research, service learning, internships, volunteerism, shadowing, clinical rotation, and observations.  Our office can help students with aspects from selecting a program to facilitating their transition back to UAB. 

Student Organizations Abroad: Travel abroad as part of a UAB student organization; including Outreach Abroad, Outdoor Pursuits, artistic performances, athletic activities, or other student organization travel.  Our office can help students register travel with the university, obtain the necessary education abroad insurance, and prepare for the trip.

Student Conference Travel Abroad: Present at or attend a conference that takes place abroad as a UAB representative.  Our office can help students register travel with the university, obtain the necessary education abroad insurance, and prepare for the trip.

Passport Services: Apply for a passport conveniently on campus.  As an official U.S. Department of State Passport Acceptance Facility, we are happy to accept passport applications for students, employees, and members of the community.  Our passport service is open to the public.


With programs in over 50 different countries, there's something for everyone.  Programs are available in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, China, Germany, Costa Rica, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and many more countries.  Over 40 UABEA programs cost approximately the same as UAB tuition + room + board.


Programs are available for fall semester, spring semester, academic year, calendar year, summer, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break.


Programs are available in English, as well as all of the foreign languages taught at UAB (and a few that aren't).


To be eligible to apply for our programs, one must: 

  1. be an enrolled UAB student;
  2. be 19 years of age or older (or have parental permission); and
  3. be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing with UAB.

Some programs have additional eligibility requirements, such as GPA minima, listed on the individual program webpages.

Students may petition to the Director of Education Abroad for a possible exception to the eligibility criteria.

Subjects of Study

Students may take core curriculum courses while abroad, as well as courses for their major and minors.  Elective credits are also available. 

Course Articulation

Students need to consult with UABEA before studying abroad to initiate course articulation, the process by which UAB course equivalency is determined for each course to be taken while studying abroad.  Course articulation involves the student, UABEA, the host study abroad university, and UAB department chairs and advisors all working together and commonly takes approximately one month to complete.

It is highly recommended that the students contact UABEA to begin the course articulation process at least one month before the application deadline for the selected program.  Students who don't begin the articulation process early enough prior to studying abroad, may not know how, or if, their courses abroad will count toward completion of a UAB degree. 

Grade Posting

All grades earned while abroad will be posted to the student's UAB transcript and included in GPA calculations.  Letter grades are used rather than pass/fail marks.  In all cases, students must participate fully in all course activities and meet all stated course requirements.  Auditing of any course abroad is not permitted.  The process of grade posting varies depending on the program type:

UAB Exchanges are programs for which UABEA has established an exchange agreement with a university abroad.  Students earn direct UAB course credit.  Students on exchanges are usually mainstreamed into regular classes with the student body at their university abroad.  Courses taken on student exchanges will begin with IN ("INternational" indicating that the course took place at an international UAB exchange location) and a two-letter subject code such as ME (Mechanical Engineering), GN (German), SP (Spanish), etc. to indicate the subject that was studied.  Additionally, each of the courses are numbered.  All courses are variable in the number of credit hours students can receive based upon their enrollment at the host university.  INxx courses are repeatable.  INxx courses include:

Subject Description
INAB Study Abroad Arabic
INAH Study Abroad Art History
INAN Study Abroad Anthropology
INAR Study Abroad Art Studio
INAT Study Abroad Astronomy
INBE Study Abroad Biomedical Engineering
INBU Study Abroad Business
INBY Study Abroad Biology
INCH Study Abroad Chinese
INCM Study Abroad Communication Studies
INCS Study Abroad Computer & Information Science
INCY Study Abroad Chemistry
INDC Study Abroad Digital Community
INEC Study Abroad Economics
INED Study Abroad Education
INEE Study Abroad Electrical Engineering
INEH Study Abroad English
INES Study Abroad Earth Science
INEV Study Abroad Environmental Science
INFN Study Abroad Finance
INFR Study Abroad French
INGN Study Abroad German
INHY Study Abroad History
INIS Study Abroad International Studies
INIT Study Abroad Italian
INJP Study Abroad Japanese
INJS Study Abroad Justice Sciences
INMA Study Abroad Mathematics
INME Study Abroad Mechanical Engineering
INMG Study Abroad Management
INMK Study Abroad Marketing
INMU Study Abroad Music
INPC Study Abroad Physics
INPE Study Abroad Physical Education
INPH Study Abroad Philosophy
INPS Study Abroad Political Science
INPY Study Abroad Psychology
INSC Study Abroad Sociology
INSP Study Abroad Spanish
INTH Study Abroad Theatre
INTL Study Abroad Special Topics

UAB Affiliate Programs are co-organized by UABEA in cooperation with an education abroad provider and/or a foreign university.  Students receive a transcript from the foreign university or U.S. university of record and have transfer credit appear on their UAB transcript. UAB affiliate programs include the CISAbroad, ISA, and USAC programs listed here.  These courses will transfer into UAB just as any other transfer institution credit posted.  All courses are variable in the number of credit hours students can receive based upon their enrollment at the host university. 

UAB Faculty-Led Programs are UAB courses that are developed and taught by UAB faculty and have a travel component, usually outside of the United States.  The programs are typically about 1 to 2 weeks in duration and the entire class, faculty leader and students, travel together.  Students earn direct UAB course credit.  For UAB Faculty-Led Programs, the instructor will assign the final grade as is normally done for any UAB class taught on campus.  (See the Grading Policies and Practices section of the UAB Catalog of Undergraduate Programs).  UAB Faculty-Led Programs are designated with SA following the course title. 

UAB Internship/Practicum Courses Abroad are UAB courses through which students do an internship or practicum, actually working abroad in a company or organization related to the student's area of study, and earn direct UAB course credit.  For UAB Internship/Practicum Courses Abroad the instructor will assign the final grade as is normally done for any UAB internship/practicum course taken domestically.


Courses taken on UAB Exchanges, USAC programs, ISA programs, CISAbroad programs, U.S. - UK Fulbright Commission Summer Institutes, U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Program, Clinton Scholarship at the American University in Dubai, UAB Faculty-Led Programs, and UAB Internship/Practicum Courses Abroad will satisfy the UAB residency requirement. Students need to contact UABEA to ensure their Graduation Planning System records are noted accordingly.

Changes of Grades

Requests for grade changes to UABEA must be accompanied by official documentation sent directly from the host university.