DB 305. Entering the Profession. 1 Hour.

This course will prepare students to enter the industrial distribution profession. Professional development topics include: resume building, soft-skills and interview preparation, internships, expectations for entry-level positions and career paths, as well as expectations and ethical demands of the profession.

DB 320. Distribution Management. 3 Hours.

Introduction to basic problems, concepts and management practices of distribution firms and manufacturing relationships. History of types of distributor organizations, functions and role of industrial distribution in the economy.
Prerequisites: MK 303 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently)

DB 400. Analytics in Distribution. 3 Hours.

This course provides tools and approaches to measure the effectiveness of distributor strategies and tactics and support data-driven decision-making. A central theme of the course is "what to measure" and "how to measure" with regard to customer-facing, supplier-facing, and internal activities. The course also focuses on constructing and interpreting performance “dashboards” that highlight the performance indicators most relevant to a distributor.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C]

DB 410. Creative Solutions in Distribution. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on enhancing students’ abilities to use design approaches and tools for identifying and implementing innovation and growth opportunities in the channel of distribution for business–to–business firms.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C]

DB 430. Distribution Operations. 3 Hours.

The course emphasizes distribution operations decision making. There are heavy emphases on profitability analysis, margin management, pricing and price negotiations, and managing inventory investments.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C] and AC 200 [Min Grade: C] and AC 201 [Min Grade: C] and EC 210 [Min Grade: C] and EC 211 [Min Grade: C] and QM 214 [Min Grade: C] and LS 246 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C] and (BUS 101 [Min Grade: C] or BUS 102 [Min Grade: C]) and BUS 110 [Min Grade: C]

DB 435. Distribution Policies and Quality Issues. 3 Hours.

The course examines issues involved in customer relationship strategy and management in industrial and medical business markets. Topics include channel strategy and management, B2B e-commerce strategy and applications, strategic account management processes and systems, customer profitability and lifetime value, multi-channel selling models, negotiations and other operational strategies and technologies used by distributors and manufacturers.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C]

DB 440. Medical Device Selling. 3 Hours.

The course emphasizes the sales process in interpersonal sales for medical devices. In doing so, the course focuses on the dynamics of the U.S. healthcare market, buyer decision processes in the U.S. healthcare market, and the success characteristics and sales processes of high performing health care sales professionals.

DB 495. Distribution Directed Studies Practicum. 3 Hours.

Issues in managing distributors, both as suppliers for and customers of manufacturers and other businesses. Students work with host distributor/manufacturer on current and future distribution problem areas. Students develop an in-depth research analysis of the host distributor/manufacturer.