ECG-Counseling, Human Services Courses


ECG 300. Career Mapping. 3 Hours.

Get what you want by identifying and building key skills being sought by employers and graduate school admission committees today. This course provides an interactive exploration into arriving at your destination and having fun along the way. Gain tips and insights from executives in your field into professional development, resume/interviewing, communication, team building, networking (live and virtual), and other key areas necessary to help you present yourself as the applicant of choice. Master these steps and begin to map your journey toward career success.

ECG 460. Sign Language I: Survival. 3 Hours.

Beginning course in manual communication. Finger spelling and language of signs to facilitate communication with individuals who have severe hearing impairments.

ECG 461. Sign Language II: Intermediate. 3 Hours.

Manual communication; signed English. Finger spelling and language of signs.
Prerequisites: ECG 460 [Min Grade: C]

ECG 462. Sign Language III: Advanced. 3 Hours.

American Sign Language. Syntax structure for more effective communication with adult deaf persons. Sign concept and concept transmission.
Prerequisites: ECG 461 [Min Grade: C]

ECG 463. Intro Interpreting for Deaf. 3 Hours.

Basic theories, principles, and practices of interpreting for deaf in general and specialized settings; guidelines appropriate in situational settings. Development of interpreting skills and manual communications skills.
Prerequisites: ECG 462 [Min Grade: C]