EDR-Reading Education Courses


EDR 421. Reading in Content Areas. 1 Hour.

Application of principle of reading process to content -area materials and instruction. Designed for pre-service teachers. Field experience required concurrently with the field experience in a teaching methods course. Supervision fee.

EDR 440. Developmental Reading I. 3 Hours.

Materials and methods. Emphasis on planning balanced program and understanding reading process. Extensive field experience required.

EDR 441. Literature for Adolescents. 3 Hours.

In this course, students will explore literary works crafted for and centered on adolescents, with a focus on narratives that represent the rich diversity of human experiences. This course invites students to engage with stories and perspectives from a wide range of backgrounds, including but not limited to those of Black, Indigenous, people of color, and individuals with varying abilities. Emphasis will be placed on exploring and understanding the unique cultural and personal contexts embedded in multicultural literature for adolescents. Additionally, students will be invited to critically explore, examine, and reflect upon their own identities, perspectives, and worldviews in the context of the narratives encountered throughout the course.

EDR 442. Reading in Content Areas. 3 Hours.

The aim of this course is to provide secondary preservice teachers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to design and implement literacy instruction within and across content areas. This will cultivate students' existing literacies while strengthening their discipline-specific literacy. Through a combination of actively engaging in readings, discussions to construct and solidify learning, and creating multi-modal products of their learning, pre-service teachers will explore various literacy methods and strategies, synthesize new learning with prior knowledge, and develop the ability to assess their own progress. Additionally, students will collaborate with peers in content-specific discussions, culminating in the creation of a three-lesson plan learning segment that incorporates content-area and discipline-specific literacy instruction and engagement strategies.

EDR 443. Developmental Reading II. 3 Hours.

Application of principles of reading process to content-area materials and instruction. Designed for elementary and middle school pre-service teachers. Extensive field experience required.
Prerequisites: EDR 440 [Min Grade: C]