IB-International Business Courses


IB 320. Global Innovation. 3 Hours.

This course provides students with fundamental knowledge of world economies, the nature of innovation, and the cultural and country characteristics that drive innovation. Students engage in self-assessment and self-reflection to identify and develop their cultural intelligence. Furthermore, students learn research tools to conduct comparative analysis of countries based on the key success factors of an innovation “ecosystem.”.
Prerequisites: EC 211 [Min Grade: C]

IB 439. Global Business Communications. 3 Hours.

An advanced business communications course for undergraduates focusing on global communication skills required of students entering today's international business environment.
Prerequisites: EH 101 [Min Grade: C] and EH 102 [Min Grade: C] and BUS 350 [Min Grade: C]

IB 490. Special Topics in International Business. 3 Hours.

Selected international business topics not covered in other international business courses.

IB 495. Business Study Abroad. 3 Hours.

Academic course of study in a business discipline which takes place in a foreign location. UAB GPA minimum 2.7 and permission of Collat School of Business faculty sponsor.
Prerequisites: GPAO 2.00