MG-Management Courses


MG 302. Management Processes and Behavior. 3 Hours.

Introductory course covering the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Strategic planning, teamwork, decision-making, and communication are emphasized.

MG 304. Managerial Spreadsheet Analytics. 3 Hours.

This course provides an introduction to concepts and methods of business analytics with a focus on the application of spreadsheet modeling and analysis to managerial decision making.
Prerequisites: QM 214 [Min Grade: C]

MG 305. Nonprofit Organization Mgmt/SL. 3 Hours.

The purpose of this course is to expose students to the historical origins of NPOs/NGOs, their favored tax status, and demands of transparency and accountability of achieving their stated missions. This course also exposes students to the challenges of managing a voluntary workforce, identifying revenue streams to fund activities, and developing strategies to ensure value creation in the nonprofit setting. This course is experiential. Students will explore the various aspects of the nonprofit sector academically and will also get first hand experience with a chosen NPO/NGO.

MG 306. Managing Innovation. 3 Hours.

This course addresses selected challenges and opportunities related to managing innovation. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the role of creativity and innovation in organizations, examine the managerial strategies and tactics for fostering innovation, and to help students enhance their own ability to innovate.

MG 309. Wizarding and Superhero Leadership Academy. 3 Hours.

Marvel movies and the Harry Potter book/movie series are full of insights about life matters. They also teach us about how to be better business managers in addressing adversity, success, leadership, and ethics. In this class, we will examine various leadership theories and popular management books and understand them in terms of the characters and situations presented in the Marvel movies and the Harry Potter book/movie series.

MG 401. Organizational Behavior. 3 Hours.

Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and their behavior in the workplace. The course looks at behaviors across individual, group, and organizational levels. Broad topics include organizational behavior and leadership, understanding individuals in organizations, motivating employees, building relationships, and creating change.
Prerequisites: (MG 302 [Min Grade: C])

MG 403. Operations Management. 3 Hours.

This course covers the strategic, tactical, and integrative roles of Operations in the management of service and manufacturing organizations in a globally competitive economy. Students will learn how to maximize efficiency and value in a business environment. Topics include productivity, design and process strategies, sustainability, ethics, quality management, supply chain strategies, scheduling, forecasting, inventory management, facilities location and layout strategies, maintenance and reliability.
Prerequisites: AC 201 [Min Grade: C] and EC 210 [Min Grade: C] and EC 211 [Min Grade: C] and LS 246 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C] and MG 302 [Min Grade: C]

MG 405. Nonprofit Strategy and Entrepreneurship. 3 Hours.

This course takes students on the journey from a promising program idea through the steps necessary to create a viable strategic plan for your program’s business model. Working as individuals and small teams, students will work with an assigned nonprofit organization (NPO) start-up, or established NPO, seeking the next steps for their program idea. These steps include analyzing and defending a suggested business model and strategic analysis where individuals or teams suggest improvements and next steps for this NPO. Along the way students will meet and interact with local nonprofits and engage in thought-provoking brainstorming sessions with some of Birmingham’s most innovative and creative nonprofits.

MG 409. Human Resource Management. 3 Hours.

This course covers managerial problems associated with the acquisition, development, motivation, and compensation of human resources. Personnel problems such as employment, employee education and training, labor relations, industrial health and safety, and wage and salary administration.
Prerequisites: (MG 302 [Min Grade: C])

MG 410. Labor-Management Relations. 3 Hours.

Analysis of managerial issues and opportunities associated with the development of labor-management relations policy. The impact of public policy, significance of pressure groups, negotiations and administration of the collective bargaining agreements, along with the role of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Labor Relations(LA) as a matter of policy.
Prerequisites: (MG 302 [Min Grade: C])

MG 411. Compensation Administration. 3 Hours.

This course covers compensation administration in public and private organizations, with emphasis on determination of range, salary levels, and structures. Job evaluation, pay systems, and wage and benefits legal issues are covered.
Prerequisites: (MG 409 [Min Grade: C])

MG 412. Organizational Staffing. 3 Hours.

Primary focus is on the employee recruiting and selection functions within organizations. Strategic staffing, Federal laws and regulations impacting staffing activities, recruitment and selection practices, hiring decision approaches, job analysis and measurement in selection will also be covered in detail.
Prerequisites: MG 409 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C]

MG 413. Employment Law. 3 Hours.

Management of legal risks arising from hiring, promotion, and other human resources transactions, including risks arising under anti-discrimination laws (e.g., Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964) and income security laws (e.g., Fair Labor Standards Act and Family Medical Leave Act).

MG 414. Talent Development. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on strategies and practices for training and developing employee capabilities that improve individual and organizational success. Specific focus is placed on building personal, professional, and organizational capabilities that fosters growth. Topics include talent development methods and assessment, learning styles, delivery methods including eLearning, and employee development.
Prerequisites: MG 409 [Min Grade: C]

MG 415. International Business Dynamics. 3 Hours.

Essential information that managers need to know about international business. We will consider cultural, political, and geographic differences and develop strategies to attempt to maximize business opportunities in view of these differences.
Prerequisites: MG 302 [Min Grade: C] or BUS 311 [Min Grade: C]

MG 416. Supply Chain Management. 3 Hours.

Course takes operational view of the mechanism for matching supply and demand through the management of material and information flow. This framework is used to understand strategic, design and operational issues insupply management.
Prerequisites: (MG 403 [Min Grade: C])

MG 417. Project Management. 3 Hours.

The course covers project management principles, methods, techniques, and tools from the perspective of the manager who must plan, schedule, organize and control non-routine activities to achieve schedule, budget and performance objectives. It traverses the life-cycle of a project and the knowledge areas that are applicable at each stage.
Prerequisites: MG 302 [Min Grade: C]

MG 418. Quality Management. 3 Hours.

Concepts, techniques, and organizational requirements to ensure that quality is provided to consumer. Breadth of quality efforts, statistical quality control methods, quality circle principles, and quality assurance activities in various enterprises.
Prerequisites: MG 403 [Min Grade: C]

MG 425. Managing Through Leadership. 3 Hours.

Provide students with a comprehensive understanding of leadership as a phenomenon, with an emphasis on developing the skills to lead others. Major theories of leadership will be examined and students will gain insights about their individual strengths and weaknesses. Through hands-on experiences and workshops, students will develop and acquire the skills to lead high-performance teams that can optimize their productivity and deliver high-quality results.

MG 430. Management and Leadership in Sports and Entertainment Organizations. 3 Hours.

Students will gain an understanding of leadership requirements and challenges in the sports and entertainment industries. Topics include: problem solving and decision making, culture, human resource management, teams, communication, motivation, leadership, facilities and events. This is a service/experiential learning designated course.

MG 438. Managerial Communication Skills. 3 Hours.

An advanced business communications course for undergraduates focusing on the verbal and nonverbal communication skills required of managers in today's business environment.

MG 440. Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice. 3 Hours.

This course builds on MG 425 by incorporating additional leadership theories and practices that are relevant for leaders, managers, and supervisors in either profit or non-profit organizations. Students also learn about strategic leadership and the importance of collaboration. Students develop their skills and abilities to create positive and meaningful change in others and their organizations, which has implications for the broader community. Students complete a variety of hands-on activities to develop their leadership capabilities to create desirable results for constituents.
Prerequisites: MG 425 [Min Grade: C]

MG 445. Management Internship. 1-3 Hour.

Offers qualified undergraduate students the chance to gain first-hand experience in a local business while receiving academic credit. Must be a management major, at least junior standing, C or better in MG 302 and GPA of 2.0 overall. Sponsoring business may require additional courses.
Prerequisites: MG 302 [Min Grade: C]

MG 448. Workplace Wellness Program Design, Management and Assessment. 3 Hours.

The purpose of this course is to build professional capacity for creating, implementing, managing, and assessing workplace wellness programs.

MG 490. Management Seminar/SL. 3 Hours.

Selected management topics. This is a designated service-learning course integrating academic learning, civic learning and meaningful service to the community.
Prerequisites: MG 302 [Min Grade: C]

MG 492. Current Topics in Production and Operations Management. 3 Hours.

Selected topics in production and operations management.
Prerequisites: (MG 403 [Min Grade: C])

MG 493. Current Topics in Human Resource Management. 3 Hours.

Current development and issues in human resource management.
Prerequisites: (MG 409 [Min Grade: C])

MG 499. Directed Study in Management. 1-3 Hour.

Specific areas in management.