AHD-Administration Health Services DSc

AHD 632. Quantitative Methods. 3 Hours.

Selected statistical methods and analytical tools for hypothesis testing and to inform evidence-based decision-making in hospitals and health care organizations, use of computer applications such as Excel and Stata for conducting analyses.

AHD 705. Health Care Finance. 3 Hours.

Financial management functions, third-party reimbursement, determination of costs and charges, analysis of financial positions, working capital management, budgeting, capital expenditure analysis, and case studies.

AHD 706. Strategic Management Theory and Research. 3 Hours.

This course enables students to become well-versed in the healthcare strategic management scholarly literature; and ultimately contribute to it. Mastering the healthcare strategy literature requires different skills than those needed to manage an organization strategically. Thus, this course focuses on the relevant literature and not on the process of strategic planning or management.

AHD 707. Research Methods. 3 Hours.

This course introduces methods and issues relevant to research in the business disciplines and in health services. The various business disciplines and the broad field of health services draw heavily from the social and behavioral sciences as the basis for much of their theoretical and empirical work. This course will focus on issues that are relevant generally to social science research, with the goal of applying that information to research in health services.

AHD 710. Comparative Health Systems. 3 Hours.

This course allows students to compare the U.S. health care delivery system with approaches used in other countries and to identify health system reform efforts occuring in selected global regions. Empahsis will be placed on the role of the health system within slected forms of government and at various levels of economic development.

AHD 711. Health Systems Leadership. 3 Hours.

Evidence based materials used to teach skills to develop an understanding of leadership theories and application through the use of fundamental leadership principles proven to be successful in the healthcare industry.

AHD 714. Marketing Strategy and Research. 3 Hours.

This course will introduce the doctoral student to the study of marketing strategy through an examination of the literature in the field. The course is intended to provide a broad background for understanding and conducting research in this area. As such, it will require students to draw on their knowledge of other functional and organizational topics as well as other social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, and economics) to better understand the subject of marketing strategy from an academic and organizational perspective.

AHD 715. Research in Organization Theory. 3 Hours.

Course designed to develop the student's ability to use theory based research in health-care organizations. This course will cover the major theoretical perspectives on organizations and will link these to contemporary empirical studies. Special perspectives on organizations and will link these to contemporary empirical studies. Special focus in placed on exploring the link between theory and research exhibited in this empirical work to enable students to develop the capability of using theory to guide their own research.

AHD 716. Macro-Environmental Analysis. 3 Hours.

Macro-environmental analysis is strategic in nature and will focus on specific macro-environmental conditions or policies that may impact the delivery and financing of health care services and product. Macro-environmental analysis is traditionally the first step in the development of a strategic plan; sometiems referred to as external market analysis or political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) analysis.

AHD 718. Strategic Implementation and Evaluation. 3 Hours.

Examination of types of evaluations and evaluation designs, emphasis on application of evaluations in organizations; development of indicators; impact measurement.

AHD 722. Regression Analysis. 3 Hours.

Various approaches to regression analysis, including ordinary least squares and probability models, such as logit and probit.

AHD 727. Applied Multivariate Statistics for Health Administration Research. 3 Hours.

This is a survey course on the application of multivariate techniques in health care management research. The course focuses on application of multivariate statistical methods to health administration research questions, with emphasis on interpretation within real health care management problems.

AHD 730. Health Econ & Insurance. 3 Hours.

Development of economic principles and describes system of health care financing and delivery in the United States, providing a basis for analyzing health management and policy options.

AHD 731. Health Policy. 3 Hours.

Exploration of the health policy-making process in the U.S., the impact of policy decisions (or lack of decisions) on key stakeholders, and needed research and policy approaches to these issues.

AHD 735. Healthcare Quality Improvement. 3 Hours.

Policy issues and managerial methods related to quality and safety in healthcare organizations. Role of senior executives, board members, physician leaders in quality improvement and in creating a quality-focused organizational culture. Public and private sector approaches to quality measurement and improvement.

AHD 775. Strategic Planning and Mgt. 3 Hours.

Assessment of strategic management literature applied to health services organizations, exploration of strategy formulation, strategic content, and implementation and evaluation of topics for health care organizations.

AHD 778. Special Topics in Administration - Health Services. 1-4 Hour.

Exploration of current issues in Health Services Administration.

AHD 780. Strategic Information Systems. 3 Hours.

Examination of current research on role of information systems in strategic management and sources available to health care organizations for strategic decision support.

AHD 798. Non-Dissertation Research. 1-6 Hour.

Mentored research to design a study addressing a significant healthcare delivery problem.

AHD 799. Dissertation Research. 1-6 Hour.

Mentored research to conduct a study addressing a significant healthcare delivery problem.
Prerequisites: GAC Z