CD-Clinical Dentistry

CD 519. Medical Emergencies Dent Perio. 3 Hours.

CD 601. Advanced Endodontic Seminar I. 3 Hours.

Special Topics in Endodontics.

CD 602. Special Topics in General Dentistry. 3-6 Hours.

CD 603. Special Topics in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 1-12 Hour.

CD 604. Special Topics in Orthodontics. 3 Hours.

CD 605. Special Topics in Pediatric Dentistry. 1-6 Hour.

CD 606. Special Topics in Periodontics. 3-12 Hours.

CD 607. Removable Prosthodontic Seminar. 1-12 Hour.

CD 608. Special Topics in Radiology. 1-6 Hour.

CD 609. Fixed Prosthodontics Seminar. 1-12 Hour.

CD 610. Introduction to Medical Genetics. 3 Hours.

CD 611. Special Topics in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. 1-6 Hour.

CD 612. Avanced Prosthodontics Clinic First Year Clinic. 1-12 Hour.

CD 613. Special Topics in Hospital Dentistry. 1-6 Hour.

CD 614. Periodonal Case Conferences. 3 Hours.

CD 615. Periodontal Literature Review Seminars. 3 Hours.

CD 616. Periodontal Board Topics. 1-3 Hour.

CD 617. Maxillofacial Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 618. Maxillofacial Orthognathic Surgery. 3 Hours.

CD 619. Dentoalveolar Surgery. 3 Hours.

CD 620. Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I. 3-6 Hours.





CD 624. OMS Pathology Seminar. 3 Hours.

CD 625. Design and Analysis in Clinical Dental Research. 3 Hours.

CD 626. Graduate Implantology II. 3 Hours.

CD 627. Biocompatibility Testing/Biodegradation Phenomena. 3 Hours.

CD 628. Enamel Properties Acid Etching and Adhesion. 4 Hours.

CD 629. Ceramic Cements Alloy-Ceramic Systems Color Meas. 3 Hours.

CD 630. Clinical Biomaterials Research Methods. 3 Hours.

CD 631. Polymeric Biomaterials. 3 Hours.

CD 632. Biomaterials Seminar. 1 Hour.

CD 633. Alloy Systems in Dentistry. 3 Hours.

CD 634. Craniofacial Genetics. 3 Hours.

CD 635. Pediatric Dentistry Journal Club. 2 Hours.

CD 636. Hospital Dentistry. 2 Hours.

CD 637. Growth and Development-Genetics. 3 Hours.

CD 638. Current Topics in Dentistry. 1 Hour.

CD 639. Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patient. 2 Hours.

CD 640. Physical Diagnosis. 3 Hours.

CD 641. Advanced Dental Materials III. 3 Hours.

The resident will develop an in-depth understanding of the clinical applications and effective manipulation of current dental materials. Dentin bonding agents, composite resin selection, placement and polymerization will be covered. An overview of biomaterials for dental implants, and ceramic materials for prostodontics will also be presented.

CD 642. Biomaterials Book Review. 3 Hours.

The purpose of the book review is to strengthen the basic understanding of properties and behavior of different dental materials.

CD 643. Adv Clinical Prosth III. 6 Hours.

Advanced Clinical Prosthodontics III will provide students with a breadth of clinical experience in fixed, removable, implant, surgical, maxillofacial and other complex prosthodontics.

CD 644. Evidence Based Dentistry. 3 Hours.

Evidence based dentistry will teach students how to use literature as basis of clinical decisions.

CD 645. PBL: Adv Prosthodontics Topics. 3 Hours.

Topics in Advanced Prosthodontics. Permission of instructor required.

CD 646. Multidisciplinary Seminars I. 3 Hours.

Multidisciplinary seminars will teach the students how to interact with other disciplines in an informal setting and learn from these other disciplines.

CD 647. Treatment Planning Conference. 3 Hours.

Treatment planning conference will teach students how to generate a succinct and reasonable treatment sequence.

CD 648. Prosthodontic Case Conference. 3 Hours.

Prosthodontic case conference will teach students how to present completed treatment, and how to critically and professionally evaluate treatment outcomes.

CD 649. Prosthodontics Lit Review. 3 Hours.

Prosthodontics literature review will teach students how to critically evaluate literature, and to be familiar with current concepts in prosthodontics.

CD 650. Advanced Topics in Hospital Dentistry. 1-6 Hour.

CD 651. Advanced Endodontics Seminar II. 3 Hours.

Advanced Topics in Endodontics.

CD 652. Advanced Topics in General Dentistry. 3-6 Hours.

CD 653. Advanced Topics in Oral Surgery. 3-6 Hours.

CD 654. Advanced Topics in Orthodontics. 3 Hours.

CD 655. Advanced Topics in Pediatric Dentistry. 1-6 Hour.

CD 656. Advanced Topics in Periodontics. 1-12 Hour.

CD 657. Advanced Clinical Prosthodontics Second Year Clin. 3-12 Hours.

CD 658. Advanced Topics in Radiology. 1-12 Hour.

CD 659. Advanced Topics Fixed Prosthodontics. 3-12 Hours.

CD 660. Advanced Topics in Maxillofacial Prosthetics. 1-6 Hour.

CD 661. Physical Properties of Biomaterials. 1-3 Hour.

CD 662. Laboratory Methods for Biomaterials Research. 2-4 Hours.

CD 663. Diagnosis and Screening Procedures in Dentistry. 3 Hours.

CD 664. Grand Rounds in Pediatric Dentistry. 2-3 Hours.

CD 665. Maxillofacial Seminar. 3 Hours.

Physiology and Concepts of Occlusion.

CD 666. Clinical Maxillofacial Prosthetics. 1-3 Hour.

CD 667. Selected Topics in Anatomy of the Head and Neck. 3 Hours.

CD 668. Postgraduate Oral Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 669. Clinical Pediatric Dentistry II. 3 Hours.

CD 670. Board Case Reviews in Pediatric Dentistry. 3 Hours.

CD 671. Case Presentations in Pediatric Dentistry. 1 Hour.

CD 672. Advanced Topics in OMS. 5 Hours.

CD 673. Special Topics in OMS Trauma. 4 Hours.

CD 674. Advanced Topics in OMS - Orthognathic. 4 Hours.

Advanced Topics in OMS - Orthognastic.

CD 675. Special Topics in OMS - Patient Care. 4 Hours.

CD 676. Advanced Topics in Oral Pathology. 4 Hours.

CD 677. Advanced Prosthodontics Third Year Clinic. 3 Hours.

CD 678. Board Preparation in Pediatric Dentistry. 3 Hours.

Review course for pediatric dental residents.

CD 679. Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry. 1-6 Hour.

CD 680. Dental Clinical Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 681. Clinical Pedodontics III. 3 Hours.

CD 682. Special Topics in Endodontics. 3 Hours.

CD 683. Advanced Dental Materials I. 3 Hours.

Advanced course in dental materials.

CD 684. Advanced Dental Materials II. 3 Hours.

Advanced course in dental materials II.

CD 685. Advanced Endodontic First Year Clinic. 3 Hours.

CD 686. Advanced Endodontic Second Year Clinic. 3 Hours.

CD 687. Advanced Clinical Dentistry. 3 Hours.

Advanced course in clinical dentistry.

CD 688. Special Pathology. 1 Hour.

CD 689. Conscious Sedation. 3 Hours.

CD 690. Physiology and Concepts of Occlusion. 3 Hours.

CD 691. Special Topics in Biomaterials Science. 1-6 Hour.

CD 692. Advanced Prosthodontic Seminar. 1-12 Hour.

CD 693. Special Topics in OMS. 5 Hours.

CD 694. Advanced General Dentistry Seminars (I-IV). 1 Hour.

CD 695. Literature Review in Pediatric Dentistry. 3 Hours.

CD 696. Dental Radiology. 3 Hours.

CD 697. Advanced Restorative Technique. 3 Hours.

CD 698. Master s Level Non-Thesis Research. 1-6 Hour.

CD 699. Master s Level Thesis Research. 1-6 Hour.

Prerequisites: GAC M

CD 700. Cranio Deformities. 3 Hours.

Embryology: Review of H&N development. Genetics: Review of H&N disorders. Cleft lip: Diagnosis and management. Common craniofacial disorders; Diagnosis and management of Apert's, Crouzons, and Treacher-Collins, Hemifacial microsomia and other craniofacial disorders.

CD 701. Post-Graduate Micro Surgery. 3 Hours.

To understand the history of microsurgery; materials and instruments; coagulations and anticoagulants; technique or minor repair and vascularized tissue transfer.

CD 702. Post-Graduate Esthetic Surgery. 3 Hours.

Understand basic concepts of facial cosmetic surgery and become competent in diagnosis and treatment planning. The resident should learn surgery techniques of facial cosmetic surgery.

CD 703. Post-Graduate TMJ Disorders. 3 Hours.

To Understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the TMJ; the pathological conditions that affect the TMJ; the imaging modalities that can be utilized to aid in diagnosing TMD; and the various medical treatment options in managing TMD.

CD 704. Post-Grad Surg Implantology. 3 Hours.

Enrich the resident experience by providing in-depth discussion on the various surgical modalities that can aid in proper implant placement.

CD 705. Orothognatic Surgery. 3 Hours.

Understand the principle of orthognatic surgery.

CD 706. Board Exam Topics. 3 Hours.

To allow students tiime for study and laboratory activities in preparation of mock board exam, or the ABP examination.

CD 707. Fundamentals I. 5 Hours.

CD 708. Fundamentals II. 5 Hours.

CD 709. Dentistry & Culture. 3 Hours.

CD 710. Ethics I. 3 Hours.

CD 711. Dental Gross Anatomy. 6 Hours.

CD 712. General Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 713. Microbiology. 3 Hours.

CD 714. Pharmacology. 3 Hours.

CD 715. Systemic Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 716. Oral Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 717. Multidisciplinary Seminars II. 3 Hours.

CD 718. Implant Dentistry Case Conf.. 3 Hours.

CD 719. Implant Evidence Based Dent. 3 Hours.

CD 720. Surgical Placement of Implants. 3 Hours.

CD 721. Oral & Skeletal BiologyJour. 2 Hours.

CD 722. Advanced Craniofacial Growth. 3 Hours.

CD 723. Neuroanatomy. 6 Hours.

CD 724. Cardiovascular & Renal Systems. 6 Hours.

CD 725. Dental Microbiology. 1 Hour.

CD 726. Genetics. 2 Hours.

CD 727. Craniofacial Syndrome Series. 3 Hours.

CD 728. Advanced Oral Pathology. 3 Hours.

CD 729. TMD Interdisciplinary Problem. 3 Hours.

CD 730. 3-Dimensional Imaging Ortho. 3 Hours.

CD 731. Graduate Implantology I. 3 Hours.

CD 740. Advanced Restorative Tech II. 3 Hours.

CD 741. Esth & Restorative Dent Lect. 3 Hours.

CD 742. Contmp Esth & Restorative Prep. 3 Hours.

CD 746. Micro-Esthetics. 3 Hours.

CD 749. Macro Esthetics. 3 Hours.

CD 768. Micro Esthetics II. 3 Hours.

CD 772. Dentofacial Esthetics. 3 Hours.

CD 788. Craniofacial Syndrome SeriesII. 3 Hours.