CDS-Clinical & Diagnostic Science

CDS 505. Professional Skills Development. 1 Hour.

Development of professional behaviors and attitudes required for success in healthcare.

CDS 560. Foodborne and Waterborne Outbreak Investigations. 3 Hours.

Analysis of different aspects (basic microbiology, epidemiological analysis, surveillance tools, regulations, environmental and laboratory testing) of foodborne and waterborne outbreak investigations.

CDS 605. Survival Spanish for Health Professionals. 1 Hour.

Health care professionals will be introduced to basic vocabulary, useful questions and expressions in Spanish needed to communicate in practical health care situations. Students will participate in speaking exercises, dialogue, and role-play activities (field-specific scenarios).

CDS 610. Research Design and Statistics. 3 Hours.

This course will introduce the student to clinical research methods and review concepts involved in descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics covered include, overview of the research process, literature review, research hypothesis, research designs, sample selection, measurement methods, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics.

CDS 625. Analysis of Scientific Publications. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to prepare students to critically evaluate medical/scientific literature and to write a master¿s level papers. The ability to critically analyze scientific publications will be incorporated into the process of making medical decisions.