CESE-Structural Engineering

CESE 653. Wood and Masonry Design. 3 Hours.

Design of wood structures to meet the requirements of the National Design Specification including beams, columns, and shear walls. Design and detailing of masonry structures. Nomenclature, properties, and specifications for components. Design of assemblages and masonry elements in simple masonry structures.

CESE 656. Advanced Mechanics of Materials for Structural Engineering. 3 Hours.

This course will review the basic fundamentals of mechanics of materials and will extend the concepts to include 3-dimensional stress and strain, plastic behavior, energy methods, nonlinear behavior, fatigue and fracture, rectangular linear elastic plates, indeterminate structures and stability.

CESE 657. Advanced Design of Steel Structures. 3 Hours.

Design of major components in steel-framed buildings, including composite beams and slabs, beam-columns, moments connections, bracing members, bracing connections, and column base plates.

CESE 659. Advanced Reinforced Concrete. 3 Hours.

In this course students will study the behavior and design of continuous reinforced concrete structures submitted to gravity and lateral loads. The study will include biaxial loading of columns, continuous one-way beams and slabs, two-way floor systems, and torsion loading.

CESE 660. Prestressed Concrete Behavior and Design. 3 Hours.

The course will explore the characteristics and design of pre-stressed concrete structural components to include elastic and ultimate strength analyses for flexural, shear, torsion, deflection, strand bond, and pre-stress loss.

CESE 662. Advanced Structural Analysis. 3 Hours.

This course explores the structural analysis of indeterminate structures using classical and approximate methods and structural analysis software. Specific emphasis is placed on the determination of forces in typical multistory, rectilinear frames subject to gravity and lateral loads. In addition to first order analysis, the course included analysis for second order effects and plastic analysis.

CESE 664. Bridge Engineering. 3 Hours.

This course includes the study of bridge loads, including moving load analysis; methods for approximate structural analysis, preliminary bridge design methods, and the structural design of bridge decks and girders.

CESE 665. Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 3 Hours.

This course includes the study of earthquake-induced vibrations of single and multi-degree-of-freedom systems, such as single and multistory frames. Emphasis will be placed on structural steel and reinforced concrete building frames. Response spectrum analysis will be investigated as well as building codes and static and dynamic lateral load force procedures.

CESE 676. Design of Structural Steel Connections. 3 Hours.

Design of bolted and welded steel connections, including shear, moment and brace connections using the AISC Specifications requirements and fundamental engineering principals. Design procedures will be discussed for various structural steel connections. The background and limitations of the design procedures will be reviewed and practical solutions will be provided.

CESE 690. Special Topics (Area). 1-3 Hour.

Special Topics (Area).

CESE 698. Non Thesis Research. 3 Hours.

No syllabus for non-thesis research hours.