EDA-Art Education

EDA 534. Methods I: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Introduction to teaching visual arts in school settings. Developing basic skills in planning, instruction, and assessment. Admission to Alternative Master's Program required.

EDA 564. Methods II: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Preparation to plan, teach and assess the visual arts in school settings: making informed decisions about context, learners, learner differences, teaching strategies, methodologies, curricula, and assessment.

EDA 584. Methods of Teaching Art Lab. 1 Hour.

Methods of Teaching Art Lab required.

EDA 680. Advanced Methods: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Advanced methods for teaching the visual arts in grades 6-14. Includes curriculum development, classroom interaction, pedagogical activities, technology applications, source materials, current research, society issues, and cognitive development of students. Current classroom teaching required.
Prerequisites: GAC M

EDA 690. Internship in Art Education N-12. 3-9 Hours.

For Alternative Master's Program students. Observation and student teaching in elementary and secondary schools (15 full weeks in school setting). Approval of internship application required.