FR 501. Histoires de France: French History Through Stories. 3 Hours.

Literature, culture, and civilization of seventeenth and/or eighteenth-century France reflecting the historical and literary ambience in which Ancient Regime writers, philosopies, and artists worked. Selected works of representative authors. Conducted in French.

FR 502. Aux Armes! Revolutions in the French-speaking World. 3 Hours.

This course reflects on the major revolutions that occurred in the 18th and 19th century, illustrating the impact of the French Revolution on the history and thought of Europe and the Americas. Conducted in French.

FR 503. Fin-de-Siecle France (1895-1940). 3 Hours.

Major authors and art movements of fin-de-siecle France from La Belle Epoque period through World War I. Selected works of representative authors. Conducted in French.

FR 504. French Literature since 1940. 3 Hours.

Cultural trends and literary movements from World War II to the present, including existentialism and the nouveau roman. Selected works of representative authors. Conducted in French.

FR 505. Race, Gender, and Transnationalism in Francophone Literature and Thought. 3 Hours.

French-speaking literature outside France that developed through colonization, decolonization, independence, sexuality, marriage, exile and emigration. Representative writers from Francophone countries with emphasis on Africa and the Caribbean. Selected works of representative authors. Selections will vary according to instructor. Conducted in French.

FR 510. Special Topics in French. 3 Hours.

Seminar on individual authors, specific genres, important literary movements, or literary discourse/theory. Selections will vary according to instructor. May be repeated for credit. Conducted in French.

FR 512. French Civilization: Pre-Revolutionary. 3 Hours.

Historical and cultural foundation of France from the conquest of Julius Caesar to the French Revolution. Conducted in French.

FR 513. French Civilization: Post-Revolutionary. 3 Hours.

The history and myths of France after the French Revolution that produced French civilization.

FR 521. Literature and the Environment in the French-Speaking World. 3 Hours.

This course examines the poetics of the environment, known as ecopoetics, in the 20th- and 21th-century literary and cultural productions of the Francophone world, notably France, the Caribbean and Africa. It explores how francophone poets, fiction writers and philosophers write and think about the environment in relation to tradition, memory, sexuality, law, poverty and global capitalism. This course pays particular attention to the role of the environment as a space to discuss historical and cultural events, ranging from colonization to the Anthropocene. Students will discuss French-language theories of ecocriticism and examine the many voices of French-language literature that incorporate the environment in their works. Conducted in French.

FR 590. Study Abroad. 1-6 Hour.

Approved program in a French-speaking country.

FR 599. Individual Studies. 3 Hours.

Individual studies.