MSTP-Medical Science Training Program

MSTP 793. Basic Research Forum. 1 Hour.

This course is for entering MD-PHD students to meet the GBS Core-Course requirements. The following list consists of desirable competencies for enrolled MD-PHD students to achieve while in this course: (a) Learn fundamental topics in biomedical research that will not be covered in SOM courses; (b) Fill gaps in curriculum between GBS707/709; and (c) Introduce topics that may be of interest for future lab rotations.

MSTP 794. Translational Research Seminar. 1 Hour.

The CAMS Translational Research Seminar series, required fall, spring and summer semesters, invites UAB faculty (PhD, MD, MD-PhD or MPH) who are conducting translational research to present their work to students in the MSTP. The goal of the presentation is three fold: (a) to inform students about the career path of the investigator, (b) to provide them with information regarding the initiation and conduct of translational research, and (c) to expose students to current developments in basic and clinical research. There are two to three sessions each year in which panels or round tables discuss topics, including mentor selection, preparation for residency, residency selection, and the overall UAB MSTP experience. Lecturers give a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute question and answer session. This course is open only to MD-PhD students.

MSTP 795. Continuing Clinical Education. 1 Hour.

This course is designed to maintain clinical skills and knowledge during students’ dissertation research years. MSTP students will take the course every fall semester and spring semester during their PhD dissertation phase. Each semester, students will be required to complete seven course components. Some components serve to maintain clinical skills and includes students conducting a resident-supervised clinical encounter as well as completing one half day of shadowing. Other components serve to maintain or bolster clinical knowledge and include students attending case conferences and/or participating in simulation sessions. This course is open only to MD-PhD students.

MSTP 796. Anatomy Lab TA Opportunity. 1 Hour.

From 23 TOTAL dissections between the MS1 and MS2 years, students choose any 6 dissections to teach depending on their availability. Overview: MS4 students will serve as Anatomy Teaching Associates for MS1 and MS2 students during scheduled lab times to make preclinical training more robust and clinically relevant. Course benefits for MS4 students: - Small-group anatomy training aimed to improve knowledge of anatomy & dissection skills. - Teaching & mentoring experience of students with less clinical experience. - Flexible schedule: Preferred dissections may be changed up to 1 week before the preclinical scheduled lab time. Format: - Students will attend a 1-hour orientation session addressing effective teaching techniques in August of the entering year (accommodation for absence can be made on a case-by-case basis). - The week prior to their chosen dissections, students will receive 2 hours of small group training in SOM lab under the directions of trained UAB Anatomist and Course Director Dr. Resuehr. During this training, students will perform the relevant cadaveric dissection which will be saved for demonstration during the preclinical lab. -TAs will be assigned to a group of preclinical students during their scheduled lab time to help answer questions. Particular emphasis will be placed on providing preclinical students with clinical correlates. Learning Objectives: - Dissect and identify all associated structures of their chosen dissections emphasizing the relation of structures to each other and common pathologies. - Understand common anatomical variations (if applicable). - Understand anatomically relevant information pertaining to clinical procedures. - Understand geriatric changes. - Mentor and teach students with less experience.

MSTP 798. MSTP Non-Dissertation Hours. 1-8 Hour.

Laboratory research pre-qualification. Only open to MSTP students.

MSTP 799. MSTP Dissertation Hours. 1-8 Hour.

Dissertation research. Only open to MSTP students.
Prerequisites: GAC Z