Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Courses and Fees

The Detailed Tuition and Fee Schedule is available online under Graduate Programs.


Student account payment deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar for each term at Students who do not make the initial payment of 100 percent of the total account balance by the first payment deadline will automatically be enrolled in the Blazer Flex Plan which will include a $25 enrollment fee. The Blazer Flex Plan allows students to make payments in three equal installments. Payment deadline dates are available on the Academic Calendar and at  


Students who fail to pay by the deadline are subject to substantial late fees. Students with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to register at UAB, and transcript requests will not be honored until all accounts are paid in full. The list of penalties is available online at

How to Pay

Payments can be made via the web with a Blazer ID and Password at Payments can also be made in Student Accounting Services located on the ground level of the Lister Hill Library. All fees are due by the published deadline, as indicated on the UAB Academic Calendar at For tuition questions please call Student Accounting Services at (205) 934-3570.


Student Accounting Services
1700 University Blvd.
Lister Hill Library G10
Birmingham, AL 35294-0013
(205) 934-3570

Assistantships and Fellowships

In many programs, graduate student awards are available in limited number in the form of assistantships, which require service to the department, or fellowships, which do not require service. The Graduate School also assists students in preparation of applications for extramural fellowships. The university's Financial Aid Office administers traditional loan, grant, and work-study programs, and students in certain graduate programs may participate in UAB's Cooperative Education Program, combining their studies with paid work experiences. Only degree-seeking graduate students who are registered for at least 5 hours of graduate coursework are eligible for financial aid. For information concerning these programs, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (205) 934-8223, or via email at Students can also visit the office in the Lister Hill Library G20, 1700 University Blvd or view information online at


Enrolled veterans and dependents who are eligible for federal educational benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs should apply online at the VA website, UAB-VA is responsible for verifying enrollment and semester hours and forwarding the information to the Regional VA office. For more information about federal educational benefits, contact UAB-VA in the Office of Veteran Recruitment and Student Services at (205) 934-8804 or via email at Students can also visit the office in the Hill Student Center, Room 313, 1400 University Boulevard.

Withdrawing from Courses

To avoid academic penalty, a student must withdraw from a course by the withdrawal deadline shown in the academic calendar and the UAB Class Schedule and receive a grade of W (withdrawn). Failure to attend class does not constitute a formal drop or withdrawal.

For financial aid purposes, the date of last class attendance will be the official date of withdrawal unless otherwise documented. Note that individual schools may have withdrawal rules in addition to the above.

Withdrawal from a course while a possible violation of the Academic Honor Code is under review will not preclude the assignment of a course grade that appropriately reflects the student’s performance prior to withdrawal if the violation is substantiated.


Graduate School
1700 University Boulevard
G03 Lister Hill Library
Birmingham, AL 35294-0013
(205) 934-8227

Financial Aid to Students

Students should apply for financial aid if they need assistance in paying for the cost of education. Students applying for financial aid are considered for all programs for which they are eligible. Assistance generally takes the form of a combination of grant, loan, and employment. The amount of the award is based on the financial need of the student, taking into consideration the student’s total expenses and the family’s financial circumstances. A nationally recognized method of analysis approved by the federal government is used to determine the family’s ability to pay toward the cost of education.

Applying for Financial Aid

Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available online at in early October. The earliest students can submit the FAFSA is October 1. Instructions and UAB forms are available online at Since some of the aid programs have limited funding, students are encouraged to submit all required forms to the financial aid office by December 1 for financial aid for the following fall to ensure they receive aid from all programs for which they are eligible. In order to meet the tuition and fee deadlines, completed applications should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the tuition due date. Students must reapply for financial aid each academic year.

Since procedures and rules are subject to change, students interested in applying for financial aid can receive further information online at


Student Financial Aid

Mailing address


1720 2nd Ave South

Birmingham, AL  35294

Financial Aid Programs

Federal College Work-Study Program

Eligible graduate students may work part time and earn money to help pay their educational expenses while attending school. On-campus and off-campus jobs are available in areas related to the student’s educational interests.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

This is a non-need-based loan with a current fixed rate of 4.30%. Interest must be paid while the student is in school or must be capitalized as agreed upon by the borrower and lender. Repayment of the principal and any capitalized interest begins when the student’s enrollment status drops below half time. The maximum annual loan amount is $20,500.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate and Professional Students

This is a non-need-based loan with a current fixed rate of 5.30%.  Annual loan limits are the cost of living minus other aid.

Student and Faculty Educational Opportunities

Research participation and science education programs administered by Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).

UAB Financial Information

UAB Graduate Family Assistance Scholarship
Scholarship funds will be provided to graduate students who have family-related financial commitments that would, if not resolved, prevent them from enrolling in a degree-granting graduate program. ONLY INCOMING STUDENTS WHO ARE ALREADY ACCEPTED INTO A RESEARCH BASED DOCTORAL PROGRAM ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY.

Comprehensive Minority Faculty and Student Development Program (CMFSDP) Fellowships
Graduate Fellowships are available to qualified African American students, newly enrolled at UAB and seeking to earn a Ph.D. degree.

License to Learn Scholarship
UAB National Alumni Society License To Learn Scholarships are designed to provide additional financial aid to currently enrolled, undergraduate and graduate level UAB students.

Joseph F. Volker Alumni Scholarship
In an effort to recognize the accomplishments of currently enrolled UAB students, the UAB National Alumni Society established a scholarship award program named in honor of the late Dr. Joseph F. Volker.

Distinguished Alumni Scholarship
Distinguished Alumni Scholarship The Student Relations Committee established a new scholarship endowment in 1994 to honor the Society's Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

Dr. Charles A. McCallum International Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded annually to recognize UAB National Alumni Society international chapters located in Thailand and Taiwan, and to honor Dr. Charles "Scotty" McCallum, UAB president emeritus, who helped to establish these two chapters.

BBVA Compass Mortgage Graduate Student Scholarship
For graduate students.

Other Sources of Financial Aid

Funding Links

Revised PHS 398 and PHS 2590 Forms
Community of Science
Candid - The Foundation Center
National Science Foundation
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Academic Position Network
Employment Resources from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation
Guidance on job searching and lists of available state jobs

Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is an interstate agreement among selected southern states for sharing academic programs at both the baccalaureate and graduate levels. Participating states are able to make arrangements for their residents who qualify for admission to enroll in specific programs in other states on an in-state tuition basis. Participating states are Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

If you are not an Alabama resident and you wish to enroll at UAB as an Academic Common Market student, you must be accepted for admission into a UAB program to which your state has obtained access for its residents through the Academic Common Market coordinator in your home state.

Certification of eligibility must be received by the Graduate School before the first day of class in the initial semester of registration to obtain in-state tuition status for the entire program; otherwise, in-state tuition status will be awarded beginning with the semester following receipt of this certification.  Please note that if a student who enrolls at UAB as an Academic Common Market student changes majors, the student will revert to paying out-of state tuition.

To obtain the name and address of a state coordinator, visit the Academic Common Market web site (