Interdisciplinary Programs

The School of Health Professions offers two graduate level interdisciplinary programs. The Graduate Certificate in Health-Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and Occupational Therapists is designed to prepare PTs and OTs for expanding roles in the areas of prevention, health promotion, and wellness. Health Focused Patient/Client Management is the integration of health promotion and education methods in OT and PT practice to create a holistic approach to enhance patient/client wellness and quality of life. Admissions to this certificate are currently suspended.

The Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Department of Occupational Therapy and the Department of Physical Therapy within the School of Health Professions. This program is designed to prepare graduates to become academicians, scholars, scientists, and researchers in education, health care, industry, and government institutions as well as consultants to individuals, communities, and governments. The aim of this program is to prepare candidates to become leaders in teaching and research within the field of Rehabilitation Science.  However, this is not a clinical training program.  Applicants planning to become occupational therapists or physical therapists should look at the graduate catalog entries for these two professions.