Interdisciplinary Programs

Master in Public Health with a Concentration in Population Health

The MPH with a Concentration in Population Health is a generalist degree that will train current public health or healthcare professionals to plan, design, implement, monitor, and evaluate public health programs and community-based interventions. This track is an individualized track that will allow students to pursue a public health degree that can be tailored to their own interests and career goals. 

Upon admission into the program and under the guidance of their program coordinator, students will pick five unique competencies that best fit their personal and professional goals from amongst courses offered in each of the Departments.  For additional information please see the program website: MPH in Population Health

Coordinated Degrees with other Graduate Programs

We offer students a wide range of coordinated degree options. Students can combine a Public Health MPH with a maximum of 14 professional degrees such as business, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, public administration, or social work. Students are admitted separately to each program. Students must complete the MPH Core plus 7 to 10 credit hours of MPH focus courses for a minimum of 30 credit hours in addition to the other program's curriculum requirements. Twelve credit hours from the other curriculum are credited toward the MPH degree for a minimum of 42 MPH credit hours. We also have a coordinated Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) / MD with the UAB School of Medicine. 

Students may complete the MPH degree program totally online, in class, or through a mix of online and in-class experiences. Out-of-state students taking online courses pay the same tuition rate as Alabama residents.  The admissions processes are conducted separately, and admissions decisions are made independently by each school. 

Program Coordinator Room Phone Number
Coordinated Degree Programs KaShunti Farmer, MPH, MPA RPHB 130 (205) 934-2684
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