New Courses added to Blazer Core Curriculum

Approved September 29, 2023

BY 110 meets Local Beginnings with flags in First Year Experience and Wellness

BUS 250 meets Communicating in the Modern World with flags in Post Freshman Writing and Undergraduate Research

AC 265 meets City as a Classroom

FN 210 meets City as a Classroom with a flag in Justice

CHHS 141 meets City as a Classroom

GEO 101 meets City as a Classroom wit flags in Civic Engagement and Undergraduate Research

Health Promotion and Education Concentration

Approved September 8, 2023

The concentration in Community Health within the B.S. in Community Health and Human Services name has changed to Health Promotion and Education. 

B.S. in Secondary Education & Teaching

Approved June 10, 2023

The B.S. in High School Education name has changed to the B.S. in Secondary Education & Teaching.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Approved June 10, 2023

The Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) within the B.S. in Engineering name has changed to Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSECE). 

Grade Appeal

Effective Fall Term 2023

A student may seek a grade appeal for one of the following concerns:

  • Grading that is contradictory to the course syllabus
  • Grading that does not align with assignment guidelines and/or scoring rubrics
  • Grading that is in error.

To initiate the Grade Appeal Form online:

Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Media

Blazer Core Curriculum41
Writing and Media Major 1
EH 205Introduction to Creative Writing3
or EH 315 Introduction to Professional Writing
EH 320Multimodal Writing3
History of the Book or History of Textual Practices 23
Writing Electives 315
Media Electives 412
EH 411Capstone Internship3
General Electives40
Total Hours120

A grade of C or better is required for all classes applying to a major in Writing and Media.


Students may select EH 410 "History of Textual Practices" or EH 426 with the title "History of the Book".


Select from EH 203, EH 206, EH 304, EH 305, EH 307, EH 309, EH 311, EH 335, EH 340, EH 401, EH 402, EH 403, EH 404, EH 405, EH 407, EH 409, EH 412, EH 413, EH 415, EH 429, EH 436, EH 456, EH 457, EH 455, EH 458.


Select from HY 300, ARS 100, ARS 101, ARS 102, ARS 103, ARS 104, ARS 110, ARS 280, DCS 101, DCS 201, DCS 401,CS 102, CS 103, CS 221, CMST 210, CMST 283, CMST 306, CMST 308, CMST 320, CMST 330, CMST 350, CMST 360, THR 215, THR 216, THR 226, THR 374.

Bachelor of Science in Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Science

Approved April 14, 2023

Blazer Core Curriculum41
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
Introductory Biology I
College Physics I
and College Physics Laboratory I
Lower Level
BY 115Human Anatomy4
BY 116Introductory Human Physiology4
BY 124Introductory Biology II4
CH 115
CH 116
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
CH 117
CH 118
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Laboratory
HCM 350Medical Terminology for Health Professionals3
PH 202
College Physics II
and College Physics Laboratory II
MA 180Introduction to Statistics3
HRP 101Experience the University Transition3
Major Coursework
RHB 210Introduction to Rehabilitation Science3
RHB 490Quantitative Biomechanics of Injury and Rehabilitation3
RHB 220Rehabilitation and Healthcare in the US3
RHB 340Living with Disability3
RHB 430Current Trends in Rehabilitation Science3
RHB 410Aging in the Community3
RHB 370Tests and Measures in Rehabilitation Science3
RHB 330Adapted Mobility and Exercise Interventions3
RHB 320Environmental and Community Considerations of Mobility3
RHB 360Scientific Inquiry 3
RHB 460Leadership/Lifelong Learning and Rehabilitation Science3
RHB 495Senior Capstone for Rehabilitation Science5
General Electives8
Total Hours120

Undergraduate Certificate in LGBTQ Health & Wellbeing

Approved March 10, 2023

PUH 404LGBTQ Health and Wellbeing Service Learning3
Introduction to Public Health
LGBTQ Health and Wellbeing Service Learning
Anthropology of Gender
Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality
Women's Literature and Theory
Honor Seminar in Arts and Humanities
LGBT History
Gender in World Politics
Human Sexuality
Psychology of Gender and Sexuality
Human Sexuality
Sociology of Sex and Gender
Human Sexuality: A Comparative Approach
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Total Hours15

Undergraduate Certificate in Honors Student Leadership Development Academy

Approved March 10, 2023

HC 101Honors College Leadership3
HC 201Leadership Skills3
HC 301Advanced Leadership Skills and Practice3
HC 401Honors Independent Leadership Project3
Leadership Elective3
Honors Seminar in Business
Honors Seminar in Creative Arts
Honors Seminar
Honors Seminar: Special Topics
Total Hours15

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

A grade of C or better is required for all courses applying to the certificate.
MG 425Managing Through Leadership3
MG 440Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice3
Elective Leadership Courses9
Nonprofit Organization Mgmt/SL
Managing Innovation
Wizarding and Superhero Leadership Academy
Nonprofit Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Talent Development
Project Management
Management and Leadership in Sports and Entertainment Organizations
Managerial Communication Skills
Professional Selling
Entrepreneurial Engagement Seminar
Global Business Communications
Total Hours15