Art Studio, B.F.A

These requirements apply to UAB's B.F.A. major in Art with a concentration in Art Studio.

Area V Transfer Student Pre-Professional & Elective Courses (19 semester hours)

Hours approved by the STARS approved Area V Guide for Art Studio, B.F.A.: 18 semester hours

Remaining 1 semester hours should be taken from: 

Alabama Community College Course / UAB Course Equivalents / Semester Hours

Approved courses not previously completed in Areas I-IV / 1

UAB Contact:

Name Professor Richard Gere
Title Chair, Department Art & Art History
Phone (205) 975-3492

Program Admission Requirements:

Admission to the B.F.A. program requires a portfolio review of the student’s work submitted to the B.F.A. committee of the Department of Art and Art History. Portfolios are reviewed twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters, following announced deadlines for application to the program. Students must receive a C or higher grade in all studio courses.

Please print this document and attach it to the Art Studio, B.F.A. Articulation Guide.  Together, this document and the articulation guide comprise the articulation agreement for a BFA major in Art with a concentration in Art Studio at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Name: ___________________________________________  Date: __________________________