Freshman Year

First Year Experience

Every UAB first year student will share a common foundation for learning, whatever their majors or professional goals. This common foundation is found in the First Year Experience (FYE) program. 


Your journey to graduation and the fulfillment of your academic goals all begin with New Student Convocation, where the UAB community officially welcomes the incoming class of first-years and new transfer students. Convocation is the first of many memorable moments for you at UAB and the only time prior to graduation that your entire class is fathered. The President, Provost, Undergraduate Student Government President, along with UAB students, faculty and staff will all welcome the new class to UAB. 

First Year Class Photo

This is one of UAB’s newest traditions!  Each year, more than 2,000 incoming freshmen each year line the practice field and collectively form the shape of their graduation year.  Since 2017, new students have smiled for the camera to show their UAB pride.  The Class Photo cements the start of your UAB journey.

First Year Experience Course Requirement

Student entering UAB with fewer than 24 hours of college credit must enroll in and pass (with a C or better) a first year experience (FYE) course in their first 24 credit hours at UAB. FYE courses can include CAS 112  BUS 101EDU 100HRP 101,NUR 100PUH 101UASC 101, and UASC 105FYE courses are the gateway to undergraduate education at UAB. FYE courses improve your success by helping to bridge the gap between high school experiences and university achievement and holistic development.