DB 320. Distribution Management. 3 Hours.

Introduction to basic problems, concepts and management practices of distribution firms and manufacturing relationships. History of types of distributor organizations, functions and role of industrial distribution in the economy.
Prerequisites: MK 303 [Min Grade: C](Can be taken Concurrently)

DB 400. Analytics in Distribution. 3 Hours.

This course provides tools and approaches to measure the effectiveness of distributor strategies and tactics and support data-driven decision-making. A central theme of the course is "what to measure" and "how to measure" with regard to customer-facing, supplier-facing, and internal activities. The course also focuses on constructing and interpreting performance “dashboards” that highlight the performance indicators most relevant to a distributor.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C]

DB 410. Creative Solutions in Distribution. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on enhancing students’ abilities to use design approaches and tools for identifying and implementing innovation and growth opportunities in the channel of distribution for business–to–business firms.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C]

DB 430. Distribution Operations. 3 Hours.

The course emphasizes distribution operations decision making. There are heavy emphases on profitability analysis, margin management, pricing and price negotiations, and managing inventory investments.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C] and AC 200 [Min Grade: C] and AC 201 [Min Grade: C] and EC 210 [Min Grade: C] and EC 211 [Min Grade: C] and QM 214 [Min Grade: C] and LS 246 [Min Grade: C] and QM 215 [Min Grade: C] and (BUS 101 [Min Grade: C] or BUS 102 [Min Grade: C]) and BUS 110 [Min Grade: C]

DB 435. Distribution Policies and Quality Issues. 3 Hours.

The course examines issues involved in customer relationship strategy and management in industrial and medical business markets. Topics include channel strategy and management, B2B e-commerce strategy and applications, strategic account management processes and systems, customer profitability and lifetime value, multi-channel selling models, negotiations and other operational strategies and technologies used by distributors and manufacturers.
Prerequisites: DB 320 [Min Grade: C]

DB 495. Distribution Directed Studies Practicum. 3 Hours.

Issues in managing distributors, both as suppliers for and customers of manufacturers and other businesses. Students work with host distributor/manufacturer on current and future distribution problem areas. Students develop an in-depth research analysis of the host distributor/manufacturer.