UNIV-University Courses


UNIV 105. Keys to Academic Success. 2 Hours.

Surviving and Thriving at UAB: A Freshman Success Course.

UNIV 200. Job Search Essentials. 1 Hour.

This course is designed for those ready to start the job search process. This course walks you through the basic essentials needed to begin a professional job search including resume, interviewing, elevator pitch, informational interviews, networking, and company research. This course is made up of project-based, interactive activities that will culminate into a final project using LinkedIn. This course is not designed for students who do not have a specific goal. For students who are seeking the foundations of this course plus more professional development, the UNIV 300 course may be more appropriate.

UNIV 203. Connections: The Transfer Student Seminar. 2 Hours.

This two credit course is designed to assist in the successful transition of transfer students from their previous institution to UAB. The seminar provides an opportunity for students to get to know the intellectual community they have joined, while introducing them to campus resources that will help them succeed at UAB. Each session of the seminar will address a topic or body of knowledge for the purpose of developing students as learners.

UNIV 300. Career Mapping: Navigating for Success. 3 Hours.

UNIV 300 is for students who want to confirm their career path, get a jump start on their post-graduation job search, and make a smooth transition into the professional world. UNIV 300 uses project-based, interactive activities to help students determine an appropriate career path, explore career options, perform industry research, build a professional network, and prepare for the job search by creating an effective resume and participating in in-person mock interviews. Students also gain skills in workplace competencies like effective communication, teamwork, and dealing with feedback. This in-depth career course involves interaction with local employers and community partners.

UNIV 398. Undergraduate Research. 1-12 Hour.

Undergraduate Research.