UNIV-University Courses


UNIV 105. Surviving and Thriving at UAB: Freshman Success Course. 2 Hours.

Surviving and Thriving at UAB: A Freshman Success Course.

UNIV 200. Job Search Essentials. 1 Hour.

Want a job upon graduation? This course teaches the basics of a job search, leading you through assignments and projects necessary to help you gain the competitive edge needed to land a job upon graduation and continue to advance in your career.

UNIV 300. Career Map: Navigating for Success. 3 Hours.

Achieve career success by building key skills sought by employers and graduate school admission committees today. This course provides an interactive exploration into setting career goals and arriving successfully at your destination. Gain tips and insights from executives in your field into professional development, resume/interviewing, communications, team building, networking (live and virtual), and other key areas necessary to present yourself as the applicant of choice. Master these steps and begin to map your journey toward career success.

UNIV 398. Undergraduate Research. 1-12 Hour.