Health Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Contact Information

Program Director: Diane Clark, DSc
Phone: 205 - 934 - 3566

Mailing address:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Physical Therapy
1720 2nd Avenue South
SHPB 337
Birmingham, AL 35294-1212

Program Information

The UAB Graduate Certificate in Health Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and  Occupational Therapists is designed to prepare PTs and OTs for expanding roles in the areas of  prevention, health promotion, and wellness. Health Focused Patient/Client Management is the integration  of health promotion and education methods in OT and PT practice to create a holistic approach to enhance patient/client wellness and quality of life. The ultimate goal of the certificate is to enable  graduates to develop and implement clinical and community programs to address lifestyle and behavior  factors that underlie many chronic diseases.  Emphasis will be placed on program development for  persons with disabilities. The concepts addressed in the certificate program are applicable across the  patient/client lifespan and in a variety of practice settings.

PTC 780Hlth Focused Care in PT & OT3
PTC 781Health Focused Patient/Client Communication and Advocacy3
PTC 782Health Focused Patient/Client Management I3
PTC 783Health Focused Patient/Client Management II3
PTC 784Health Focused Care - Synthesis Project3

Credentials Conferred

The Graduate Certificate in Health Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and Occupational  Therapists is awarded by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Length of Study

The certificate requires 5 semesters to complete; students take 1 course per semester.

Program Entrance Date

Students may begin the program in the spring, summer or fall term.

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements include completion of a degree in physical or occupational therapy and current  licensure as a physical or occupational therapist in the United States or foreign equivalent. Students from  countries where English is not the official and primary language must also take and receive an acceptable score on the TOEFL or IELTS.

Degree Requirements

15 credit hours (5 required courses)


PTC 780. Hlth Focused Care in PT & OT. 3 Hours.

Overview of health promotion principles and health behavior theories as applied in contemporary health care, especially in rehabilitation services. Evidence is presented for the most prevalent preventable chronic diseases/conditions and the health behaviors that contribute to these conditions.

PTC 781. Health Focused Patient/Client Communication and Advocacy. 3 Hours.

Communication and advocacy strategies to effect behavior change at the individual and community level; application of evidence-based and best practice methods/techniques that empower individuals and community to change health-related behaviors.

PTC 782. Health Focused Patient/Client Management I. 3 Hours.

Application of evidence-based and best practice methods/techniques for physical activity/fitness, weight management, and nutrition optimization using a health focused care model.

PTC 783. Health Focused Patient/Client Management II. 3 Hours.

Examines how occupational and physical therapists address smoking cessation, alcohol moderation, sleep health, and stress management using a health focused care model for individuals and community groups. Issues addressed include screening, best practices for interventions, patient education resources, and consultation/referral sources to optimize health outcomes.

PTC 784. Health Focused Care - Synthesis Project. 3 Hours.

Synthesis of content from previous certificate courses to develop a health focused program in the clinical or community setting.