Arts Education - Visual Arts

UAB's Visual Arts Education program is housed within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. This program consists of a Master of Arts degree in Arts Education and also an an alternative master's degree in Arts Education, with a concentration in Visual Arts. The first purpose of this progam in Visual Arts Education is to prepare educators in meeting the evolving needs of learners in grades P-12 within today's rapidly changing society. Its second purpose is to deliver cutting-edge instruction through a standards-based, inquiry-focused approach that prepares educators to use state-of-the-art instructional strategies in their own classrooms. Its third purpose is to ensure that a quality program is available to pre-service and in-service teachers with most of the education courses being offered online.

Prospective students should contact the Program Director, Dr. Susan Spezzini, at (205-934-8357).  

For detailed information regarding admission requirements for the School of Education graduate programs, please visit the Admissions Requirements website at

Master of Arts in Education: Arts Education - Visual Arts Fifth Year Alternative Master's Program

The M.A.Ed. requires a minimum of 35-38 hours for the Arts Education Alternative Masters program with a concentration in Visual Arts.

ECY 600Introduction to Exceptional Learner 13
EDA 534Methods I: Visual Arts3
EDA 564Methods II: Visual Arts3
EHS 597Special Problems in Education: Diversity 23
EHS 556Classroom Mgt in Sec Schools3
EDR 521Reading in Content Areas 1
EPR 511Measurement and Evaluation in Education Secondary Ed (OR)3
Measurement and Evaluation in Education ECE
EDA 690Internship in Art Education N-126
EHS 690Intern Seminar in Sec Edu1
Advisor-approved 500+ level visual art courses12
1 Required if not completed previously. If course was completed prior to unconditional admission to Alt-A program, another approved diversity course is required.
2 EHS 597 meets the ALSDE diversity course requirement, and this course is required in this program.
Total Hours38

Master of Arts in Education: Arts Education - Visual Arts Traditional Master's Program

The M.A.Ed. requires a minimum of 33 hours for the Arts Education program with a concentration in Visual Arts. A GPA of 3.25 is required.

Advisor-approved Visual Arts Courses at the 500+ level 12
EDA 680Advanced Methods: Visual Arts3
EDC 606The Dynamics of Educational Change3
EDC 651Innovative Practices in Instruction3
EDC 655Curriculum Principles and Practices3
ECY 600Introduction to Exceptional Learner 13
ALSDE-approved Course in Diversity3
Urban Education
Critical Social Issues in American Education
Social Movements in Education
Culture and American Education: Race Class and Gender
Positive Behavioral Supports
Teaching ESL in a Multicultural Society
Research course3
Introduction to Educational Research Design
Total Hours33

 Not required if previously completed


EDA 534. Methods I: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Introduction to teaching visual arts in school settings. Developing basic skills in planning, instruction, and assessment. Admission to Alternative Master's Program required.

EDA 564. Methods II: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Preparation to plan, teach and assess the visual arts in school settings: making informed decisions about context, learners, learner differences, teaching strategies, methodologies, curricula, and assessment.

EDA 584. Methods of Teaching Art Lab. 1 Hour.

Methods of Teaching Art Lab required.

EDA 680. Advanced Methods: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Advanced methods for teaching the visual arts in grades 6-14. Includes curriculum development, classroom interaction, pedagogical activities, technology applications, source materials, current research, society issues, and cognitive development of students. Current classroom teaching required.
Prerequisites: GAC M

EDA 690. Internship in Art Education N-12. 3-9 Hours.

For Alternative Master's Program students. Observation and student teaching in elementary and secondary schools (15 full weeks in school setting). Approval of internship application required.