Translation of Biomedical Innovation to Clinical Practice

This non-degree graduate certificate will provide both non-engineering and engineering graduate students with opportunities to gain knowledge, skills, and competencies required to translate basic science discoveries and new biomedical technologies into products in the clinical setting. Core courses will allow individuals to learn how to pursue a structured approach to accomplishing clinical translation of biomedical innovations along with knowledge pertaining to entrepreneurial, commercialization and regulatory pathways. Technical electives are intended to familiarize individuals with cutting-edge technologies that form the basis for biomedical products.

Translation of Biomedical Innovations to Clinical Practice Certificate

BMEM 601Biomedical Innovation and Clinical Translation I3
Select a Technical Elective from the list below:3
Design and Regulation of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineered Products
Biomedical Device Design
Lab-on-a-chip and Point-of-Care Diagnostic Technologies
BMEM 602Biomedial Innovation and Clinical Translation II3
Select a Technical Elective from the list below:3
Implantable Devices and Biomaterials
Wearable Device Technologies
Design and Use of Tissue Chips, Organ Chips & Microphysiological Systems
BMEM 603Regulatory, Legal and Ethical Perspectives3
Total Hours15