Coordinated Doctor of Medicine / Master of Science in Public Health Program

This MSPH/MD coordinated degree program is offered through the UAB School of Medicine and the UAB School of Public Health. The MSPH in Outcomes Research is offered in the Department of Health Policy and Organization and is an online program designed for medical students who also want to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of specific health care treatments.


The MSPH degree requires a minimum of 42 hours; however, 12 hours are shared from the Medical School curriculum.

MSPH Core Requirements: (9 hours)
BST 611Intermediate Statistical Analysis I3
BST 612Intermediate Statistical Analysis II3
EPI 610Principles of Epidemiologic Research3
Concentration Requirements: (21 hours)
HPO 601Health Economics3
HPO 621Clinical Decision Making and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis3
HPO 623Pharmacoeconomics and Regulation3
HPO 670Social and Ethical Issues in Public Health3
HPO 677Patient-Based Outcomes Measurement3
HPO 687Empirical Methods for Health Research3
HPO 691Policy Analysis: Modeling and Simulation3
Shared MD Curriculum: (12 hours)
Public Health Scholarly Project8
Special Topics - Public Health4
Total Credit Hours:42