Definitions of “Student” and “Student Organization”

For the purposes of the Student Conduct Code, a “student” means the following:

  • Any person who is admitted, or enrolled at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and is pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies, including full-time and part-time status, as well as any person attending classes on campus, online or off campus.
  • Any person who is not officially enrolled for a particular term, but has a continuing relationship with the University.
  • Any person who is admitted and participating in orientation is considered a “student.” 
  • Any person who has completed an academic term and can be reasonably expected to enroll the following term.
  • Any person who attended the University during a previous academic term and who committed an alleged violation of the Code during the time of enrollment.

The term “student organization” or “organization” means any group of students that has complied with the University’s requirements for registration as a student organization.