Jurisdiction of UAB and Application of the Code to Off-Campus Offenses

The jurisdiction of the University of Alabama at Birmingham extends to all students regardless if the conduct occurs on University premises, off University premises, or at University-sponsored activities. The focus is on the conduct that adversely affects or is detrimental to the University community and/or the pursuit of its objectives, which can occur anywhere.  A student will be subject to this Code for any action that violates this Code.

Any student who is found responsible for engaging in misconduct as defined by this Code or any other published policy, rule or regulation of the University will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. It should be noted that students are responsible for the actions of their guests and may be held accountable for their guest’s violations of this Code. If a student withdraws or leaves the University prior to the resolution of an incident in which the student is involved, a conduct hold will be placed on the students’ record and they will be prohibited from future enrollment until such time as the matter is resolved.