Other University Policies, Rules and Standards


A student may, during the semester of their graduation or thereafter, request in writing to Student Conduct that their conduct record be expunged. In order for their record to be evaluated for possible expungement while enrolled, the student must demonstrate that they have applied to graduate by submitting a copy of the approved application for graduation or a signed letter from the student’s academic adviser confirming that the student is eligible. In the written request, the student should include what they have learned from the incident, how their behavior has changed since the incident and any steps taken to address the behavior. Generally, the student record will not be expunged if the record includes more than one violation of the Code of Student Conduct, sanction(s) that were not completed by the required deadline, an incident resulting in personal injury, property damage, providing alcohol to minors, possession and/or distribution of drugs, violation of the weapons policy, disorderly conduct, sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, criminal behavior or suspension/expulsion. Expungement decisions shall be made at the sole discretion of the Conduct Administrator.  An expunged record will not be released except as required by law, but will be maintained internally according to the guidelines set forth herein. In addition, reports and/or other correspondences maintained by other university departments, local and/or campus police, or another reporting agency are not subject to this expungement policy. Additionally, previous disciplinary record checks reported by Student Conduct or another university department will not be affected by this process.

Students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham may be subject to additional University policies, regulations, rules, and/or professional and ethical standards that supplement the Student Conduct Code. Graduate and professional students are held accountable for their behavior as outlined in the Student Conduct Code.  For certain complaints, graduate and professional students also may be held accountable for their behavior through professional standards, codes of ethics, or honor codes.  This does not preclude the University from taking action in accordance with the Student Conduct Code.  No graduate or undergraduate can have multiple hearings of the same offense. These include, but not limited to, the following:

Academic Honor Code


Complaint Policy


Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy


Duty to Report and Non-Retaliation Policy


Enterprise Code of Conduct


Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy


Medical Amnesty Policy


Protection of Children on UAB Premises and in UAB Sponsored Activities


Residence Life Handbook


Residence Life Policies and Procedures


Sexual Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy


Student Records Policy