Advanced Placement Credit

TitleUAB Course EquivalentPassing
Art HistoryARH 2043 3Pass
Art HistoryARH 203/ARH 20456Pass
Art Studio (2-D Design Portfolio)ARS 10143Pass
Art Studio (3-D Design Portfolio)ARS 10243Pass
Art Studio (Drawing Portfolio)ARS 10043Pass
BiologyBY 12344Pass
Calculus ABMA 12544Pass
Calculus BCMA 12534Pass
Calculus BCMA 125, MA 12648Pass
ChemistryCH 115, CH 11746Pass
ChemistryCH 115, CH 116, CH 117, CH 11858Pass
Chinese Language CultureCHI 10133Pass
Chinese Language CultureCHI 101, CHI 10246Pass
Chinese Language CultureCHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 20159Pass
Computer Science PrinciplesCS 10344Pass
Economics/MacroeconomicsEC 21133Pass
Economics/MicroeconomicsEC 21033Pass
English Language/CompositionEH 1013 3Pass
English Language/CompositionEH 101, EH 10256Pass
English Literature/CompositionEH 21243Pass
Environmental ScienceBY 10843Pass
French Language CultureFR 10134Pass
French Language CultureFR 101, FR 10248Pass
French Language CultureFR 101, FR 102, FR 201511Pass
German Language CultureGN 10134Pass
German Language CultureGN 101, GN 10248Pass
German Language CultureGN 101, GN 102, GN 201511Pass
Government Politics (Comparative)PSC 10233Pass
Government Politics/U.S.PSC 10133Pass
History/EuropeanHY 10133Pass
History/EuropeanHY 101, HY 10256Pass
History/U.S.HY 12033Pass
History/U.S.HY 120, HY 12156Pass
Human GeographyWLL 12033Pass
Italian Language CultureITL 10133Pass
Italian Language CultureITL 101, ITL 10246Pass
Italian Language CultureITL 101, ITL 102, ITL 20159Pass
Japanese Language CultureJPA 10133Pass
Japanese Language CultureJPA 101, JPA 10246Pass
Japanese Language CultureJPA 101, JPA 102, JPA 20159Pass
Latin VergilCore Area II Elective33Pass
Music TheoryMU 221, MU 22434Pass
Physics 1PH 20134Pass
Physics 2PH 20234Pass
Physics C/Electricity MagnetismPH 22244Pass
Physics C/MechanicsPH 22144Pass
PsychologyPY 10133Pass
Spanish LanguageSPA 10134Pass
Spanish LanguageSPA 101, SPA 10248Pass
Spanish LanguageSPA 101, SPA 102, SPA 201511Pass
Spanish Literature CultureSPA 10234Pass
Spanish Literature CultureSPA 102, SPA 20147Pass
Spanish Literature CultureSPA 102, SPA 201, SPA 202510Pass
StatisticsMA 18033Pass
World History: ModernHY 10433Pass
World History: ModernHY 104, HY 10556Pass

Please note acceptable scores are subject to change.  Any changes are posted to the addenda of the catalog at the time of their approval.