College Level Examination Program

TitleUAB Course EquivalentPassing
American GovernmentPSC 101503Pass
Biology*BY 123, BY 12455-598C
Biology*BY 123, BY 12460-648B
Biology*BY 123, BY 12465-above8A
Calculus with Elementary FunctionsMA 125504Pass
ChemistryCH 115, CH 117556Pass
ChemistryCH 115, CH 116, CH 117, CH 118708Pass
College AlgebraMA 102503Pass
College Composition Modular§EH 10144-543Pass
College Composition Modular§EH 101, EH 10255 and above6Pass
College Composition***ELEC 101506Pass
Financial AccountingAC 200503Pass
French LanguageFR 10145-494Pass
French LanguageFR 101, FR 10250-548Pass
French LanguageFR 101, FR 102, FR 2015511Pass
GermanGN 101, GN 102508Pass
History of the US IHY 120503Pass
History of the US IIHY 121503Pass
Human Growth DevelopmentPY 212 or EPR 414503Pass
Humanities***ELEC 101603Pass
Information Systems Computer ApplicationsIS 303503Pass
Introduction to Educational PsychologyELEC 101503Pass
Introductory Business LawLS 246503Pass
Introductory PsychologyPY 101503Pass
Introductory SociologySOC 100503Pass
Natural Sciences***ELEC 101506Pass
Pre-CalculusMA 107504Pass
Principles of MacroeconomicsEC 211503Pass
Principles of ManagementMG 302503Pass
Principles of MarketingMK 303503Pass
Principles of MicroeconomicsEC 210503Pass
Spanish LanguageSPA 101, SPA 102508Pass
Western Civilization IHY 101503Pass
Western Civilization IIHY 102503Pass

No credit will be awarded on basis of the Biology exam after the completion of 9 hours of course work in Biology (including transfer credit).


Must be taken prior to earning 15 hours of college credit, including transfer credit.


 UAB English Department Essay Required

Please note acceptable scores are subject to change.  Any changes are posted to the addenda of the catalog at the time of their approval.