International Baccalaureate

TitleUAB Course EquivalentHL/SLPassing
BiologyBY 123, BY 124HL58Pass
ChemistryCH 115, CH 116, CH 117, CH 118HL58Pass
ChineseCHI 101SL43Pass
ChineseCHI 101, CHI 102SL56Pass
ChineseCHI 101, CHI 102HL56Pass
ChineseCHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 201SL69Pass
ChineseCHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 201HL69Pass
ChineseCHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 201, CHI 202HL712Pass
EconomicsEC 210, EC 211HL56Pass
EconomicsELEC 101SL53Pass
English A Language/LiteratureEH 101HL53Pass
English A Language/LiteratureEH 101, EH 102HL76Pass
French BFR 101SL 44Pass
French BFR 101, FR 102HL58Pass
French BFR 101, FR 102SL5 8Pass
French BFR 101, FR 102, FR 201SL611Pass
French BFR 101, FR 102, FR 201HL611Pass
French BFR 101, FR 102, FR 201, FR 202HL714Pass
Further MathematicsMA 126SL54Pass
German BGN 101SL44Pass
German BGN 101, GN 102SL58Pass
German BGN 101, GN 102HL58Pass
German BGN 101, GN 102, GN 201SL611Pass
German BGN 101, GN 102, GN 201HL611Pass
German BGN 101, GN 102, GN 201, GN 202HL714Pass
History - EuropeanHY 101, HY 102HL56Pass
History of AmericaHY 120, HY 121HL56Pass
Latin BCore Area II ElectiveHL68Pass
Mathematics: Analysis ApproachesMA 107HL44Pass
Mathematics: Analysis ApproachesMA 105SL43Pass
Mathematics: Analysis ApproachesMA 125HL64Pass
Mathematics: Applications InterpretationsMA 105SL43Pass
Mathematics: Applications InterpretationsMA 107HL44Pass
Mathematics: Applications InterpretationsMA 125HL64Pass
MusicMU 261HL53Pass
MusicMU 120SL53Pass
PhilosophyPHL 100HL53Pass
PhilosophyCore Area II ElectiveSL53Pass
PhysicsPH 201, PH 202HL58Pass
PhysicsPHS 101SL54Pass
PsychologyCore Area IV ElectiveHL56Pass
Social AnthropologyANTH 101HL53Pass
Spanish BSPA 101SL44Pass
Spanish BSPA 101, SPA 102 SL58Pass
Spanish BSPA 101, SPA 102 HL58Pass
Spanish BSPA 101, SPA 102, SPA 201SL611Pass
Spanish BSPA 101, SPA 102, SPA 201 HL611Pass
Spanish BSPA 101, SPA 102, SPA 201, SPA 202HL714Pass
Theater ArtsTHR 100, THR 204HL44Pass
Theater ArtsTHR 100SL43Pass

Please note acceptable scores are subject to change.  Any changes are posted to the addenda of the catalog at the time of their approval.