Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences

The Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences sponsors the B.S. degree and minor in Biomedical Sciences in addition to graduate degree and certificate programs in several clinical specialty areas. Elective coursework is available to students in the School of Health Professions and to students in other UAB degree programs.


CDS 300. Microbiology for the Health Professions. 3 Hours.

A course in which the basic, and some advanced, concepts of microbiology are presented as they relate to health sciences and medicine. The course consists of nine units, each of which contains multiple lessons. The units cover the scope of microbiology, a survey of microorganisms, the study of microorganisms, microbial physiology, the control of microbial growth, microbial genetics, immunity, microbial pathogenesis, and microbial processes.

CDS 405. Survival Spanish for Health Professionals. 1 Hour.

Health care professionals will be introduced to basic vocabulary, useful questions and expressions in Spanish needed to communicate in practical health care situations. Students will participate in speaking exercises, dialogue, and role-play activities (field-specific scenarios).