Coordinated Master of Public Administration/Master of Public Health Program

The MPH/MPA degree program provides students with the knowledge base of public health and the skills required to work effectively in a responsible, administrative position in the public sector. Through this coordinated degree program, students in the MPH program can satisfy some of their requirements through courses in the MPA program and vice versa.

Admission: Students entering this program must meet the minimum requirements for admission into the School of Public health. The student must apply to and be admitted to both programs. The Graduate School should be contacted for MPA application materials and the School of Public Health should be contacted for MPH application materials. 


Students must complete both MPA and MPH core requirements. It is anticipated that a full-time student can complete the dual curriculum in 2 years. Part-time students may take up to 5 years to complete their studies. This is a coordinated dual degree track and, as such, graduation from one program is contingent upon completion of all requirements for graduation from the other program. Students may complete the MPH degree program totally online, in class, or through a mix of online and in class experiences.

MPH Core Requirements: (14 hours)
PUH 601This is Public Health1
PUH 602Community Assessment3
PUH 603Quantitative Methods in Public Health3
PUH 604Programs and Policies3
PUH 605Public Health Management and Evaluation3
PUH 606Leadership for Evidence-Based Public Health1
Population Health Degree Requirement: (3 hours)
PUH 610Population Health3
Approved Electives: (7 hours)
Select 7 credit hours of Public Health 600-699 level courses7
Applied Practice Experience: (3 hours)
PUH 697Practice Placement / Internship3
Integrative Learning Experience: (3 hours)
PUH 695Environment and Health: The MPH Capstone3
Total SOPH Hours:30
Shared Hours from MPA Curriculum: (12 hours)
MPA 601The Public Policymaking Process3
MPA 602Scope of Public Administration3
MPA 604Human Resources Management3
MPA 607Quantitative Methods for PA3
Total Credit Hours for the MPH:42
MPA Core Requirements:30
Remaining MPA Program Requirements (18 hours)
MPA 600Administrative Ethics3
MPA 603Public & Nonprofit Budgeting3
MPA 605Information Management for Government3
MPA 697Graduate Learning Portfolio3
MPA Elective3
MPA Elective3
Total Hours Earned for MPH/MPA Degree:60