Conduct Records

  • Sanctions of expulsion and suspension affect the student's academic status and are entered   as notations in the student's permanent academic record maintained by the Registrar during such time as the imposed sanctions are in effect.
  • During the time that a Student Conduct Code case is in process, the student continues to have the same rights and privileges as other students unless interim action, which may include restrictions, suspension, or expulsion, has been imposed. 
  • At the request of the student, transcripts may be released to another institution or to a prospective employer with the understanding that if there is a pending case under the Student Conduct Code, and the student is found to be in a violation of the Code in a manner that would require that the previously-released transcript be altered, the University may notify the institution and/or employer and forward a corrected copy.
  • Records of Student Conduct Code proceedings and sanctions are maintained by the Office of Student Conduct, within the Division of Student Affairs.