School Psychometry

UAB’s School Psychometry program (Class A certification or M.A.Ed.) embodies a three-fold purpose. Its first purpose is to prepare candidates to serve as a school psychometrist to assist in meeting the evolving needs of learners, in grades K-12, within today’s rapidly changing society. Its second purpose is to deliver cutting-edge instruction through a standards-based, inquiry-focused approach. Based on constructivism, this approach prepares candidates to ​ administer psychological services in the schools. These services include the conduction of psychoeducational assessment on students referred for special services. Its third purpose is to ensure that a quality program is available to candidates who may be unable to attend class during traditional class hours. This program is delivered through a totally online platform.

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ECT 620Formative and Summative Assessment3
ECT 623Instructional Methods3
ECT 625Positive Behavioral Supports3
ECY 600Introduction to Exceptional Learner3
EDU 600Education as a Profession1
EPR 614Lifespan Human Development3
ESP 600Seminar in School Psychomerty3
ESP 627Practicum in Schl Psychometry1
ESP 628Indiv Assess Child/Youth I3
ESP 629Indiv Assess Child/Youth II3
ESP 689Internship-School Psychometry3-9
Required Elective 13
Total Hours32-38

 Advisor approved electives at the 500 or 600 level.