Educational Studies (Non-Certification)

The Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) in Educational Studies is an MAEd without state-issued teacher certification for education-related employment that does not require certification. This MAEd promotes UAB’s mission by providing support for the teaching and application of knowledge at the campus, state, regional, and global levels.

Through this MAEd, current and future educators who have a completed undergraduate degree, but no need for state-issued educator certification, can prepare for seeking meaningful employment within the field of education, mainly as teachers or coordinators in private schools or other types of educational entities. Overseas employment opportunities are available to international students who, as current or future educators, pursue this Educational Studies MAEd for career advancement in their own countries. This master’s is not associated with state certification.

This Educational Studies MAEd consists of a 15-hour core with one course from each of these five areas: Curriculum Design and Implementation, Assessment and Measurement, Diverse Populations, Special Education, and Practicum/Capstone. This MAEd program also consists of a concentration (12 credit hours) and an elective (3 credit hours). For their concentration, students select from among the following five options: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, and Physical Education. This MAEd degree program facilitates the type of flexibility needed by graduate students to focus their coursework in a way that is most beneficial to them professionally and to their respective constituencies. These concentrations prepare educators for designing educational programs and delivering instruction in diverse settings that do not require state-issued educator certification.

Students in the Educational Studies MAEd are expected to demonstrate competencies in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge in curriculum design and implementation, assessment and measurement, diverse populations, and special education,
  2. Knowledge for designing and implementing instruction in the selected concentration.
  3. Skills for delivering instruction.
  4. Knowledge and skills to be competitive when seeking admission to advanced degree programs.

Master of Arts in Education in Educational Studies Non-Certification

Curriculum Design & Implementation3
Select one from the following:
Program and Lesson Planning
Innovative Practices in Curriculum
Reading in Content Areas
Models of Teaching
Elementary School Physical Education
Assessment & Measurement3
Select one from the following:
Program and Lesson Planning
Measurement and Evaluation in Education ECE
and Measurement and Evaluation in Education Secondary Ed
Introduction to Educational Research Design
Assessment in Physical Education
Diverse Populations3
Select one of the following:
Language and Communication Facilitation
Critical Social Issues in American Education
Culture and American Education: Race Class and Gender
Workshop in Education: Strategies for English Learners
Special Problems in Education
Adapted Physical Education
Survey of Special Education
ECY 600Introduction to Exceptional Learner3
Select one from the following:
Effective Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Seminar
Field Work in Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Fitness and Motor Skill Acquisition
Early Childhood Education 1
Elementary Education 2
Secondary Education 3
Special Education 4
Physical Education 5
Major Elective 63
Total Hours30