Developmental Psychology

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Each student in the Developmental Psychology specialization is encouraged to develop a systematic line of research that complements that of his or her advisor. With intense exposure to an important aspect of developmental research, the student acquires skills that can be generalized to a variety of problems. Students are required to complete a core curriculum which includes 21 hours of developmental psychology classes, 15 hours of research design and statistics, 9 hours of general psychology and related discipline classes; 6 hours of teaching practicum and teaching; and at least 48 credit hours of research.

Developmental Psychology students must complete a master's thesis. Admission to candidacy for the doctoral degree is based on satisfactory completion of coursework and completion of an area review in the form of a Psychological Bulletin or Psychological Review article. The doctoral degree is awarded upon successful defense of the dissertation.

Master's Degree

Required Coursework 124
Developmental Psychology
Seminar in Lifespan Developmental Psychology (Required fall and spring semesters every year)
Introduction to Statistics and Measurement
Lab for Introduction to Statistics and Measurement
Applied Statistical Methods
Lab for Applied Statistical Methods
Multivariate Statistical Methods
Lab for Multivariate Statistical Methods
Thesis Research6
Master's Level Thesis Research
Elective Options in Developmental Psychology
Select three courses from the list below 2
Developmental Disabilities
Seminar in Cognitive Development
Seminar in Social Development
Seminar in Language Development
Applied Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Assessment: Child and Adult
30 Hours - Minimum Required for Master's Degree
Total Hours30

Doctoral Degree

Required Coursework 1,224
Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience
Brain and Cognition
Seminar in Lifespan Developmental Psychology (Required fall and spring semesters every year)
Seminar in Adolescent Development
Psychology of Aging
Electives in Research Design & Statistics
Select one course from:3
Foundations of Research Design
and Advanced Research Design
Longitudinal Data Analysis Laboratory
Structural Equation Modeling
General Psychology & Related Disciplines 36
Select two courses from:
Social Psychology
Human Neuropsychology
Health Psychology
Sport Psychology
Rehabilitation Psychology
Pediatric Psychology
Special Topics in Psychology
Community Practicum in Psychology
Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology
Waiver Deficit 4
Doctoral Research12
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Total Hours51