General Studies

Bachelor of General Studies

Director: Catherine Daniélou
College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is a flexible interdisciplinary degree that allows students to choose a general curriculum that meets their individual goals and provides room for exploration and inquiry. The BGS prepares students for careers in various professional fields, including government, health care, real estate, general social services and the service-producing sector, law, retail,  and private industry where fundamental critical thinking and inquiry skills as well as rigorous writing and communication skills are of key importance.

The Bachelor of General Studies is a broad-based option supported by all undergraduate programs offering a minor at UAB. UAB offers a choice of over 80 minors. The BGS program integrates all our undergraduate campus in the choice of options. The program goals are to 1) equip students with a broad-based higher education allowing them to perform efficiently in the workplace; 2) prepare students to understand an increasingly complex and multifaceted world; and 3) help students to demonstrate a multidisciplinary base of knowledge.

Undergraduate students graduating with a degree in General Studies work with the assigned BGS advisor and select two minors of their choice offered at UAB. Graduating students are expected to: (1) write, communicate, and present effectively; (2) evaluate and interpret information as well as societal issues critically and analytically; (3) apply knowledge and modes of inquiry from several disciplines; (4) demonstrate integrative learning.

The Bachelor of General Studies provides broad well-rounded rigorous educational opportunities to traditional and non-traditional students contemplating careers for which a Bachelor's degree and university-level reading, writing, communication and critical thinking skills are required.

Program Director:

Catherine Danielou, PhD, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences


Program Advisor:

Kip Hubbard, MA, College of Arts and Sciences, Advising Office

Heritage Hall Building 402, 934-6135,

Bachelor of General Studies

Degree requirements:

Successful completion of any 2 UAB minors* of student's choice

Capstone Requirement:

Select one of the following:

CAS 400 – General Studies Capstone  (1 credit)

Or another UAB approved Capstone course

Total Hours:  Estimated 36 – 51 hours (minors being a minimum of 18 hours)**

*Students majoring in General Studies must achieve a grade of C or higher in all courses applied toward the major requirements.

*Students majoring in General Studies must meet residency requirements and complete 9 hours at the 400 level or above taken at UAB.

**A single course may not count toward more than one minor requirement.