Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs of study are increasingly interesting as we realize the benefits of multiple perspectives and methods to advance understanding and improve solutions.  Students in the College of Arts and Sciences can pursue formal interdisciplinary programs such as African-American Studies or International Studies. The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is also an interdisciplinary degree that will prepare students for careers in various professional fields where fundamental critical thinking and inquiry skills, rigorous writing and communication skills, as well as team work skills are of key importance. Other possibilities for interdisciplinary study include for example Media Studies or Film Studies at the minor level. The Interdisciplinary Minors list below indicates our choices in the College of Arts and Sciences.

We also encourage motivated students to work with their academic advisor and faculty to design an individualized, interdisciplinary major in a focused area. The Individually Designed Major option is available to all students in good standing who are interested in working independently, and can only be made possible using courses available at UAB. Among the many different fields that some of our students have chosen to focus on are Asian Studies, Children Studies, Chinese Studies, Film-making, Film Studies, Health and Society, Integrative Media, International Development, International Health, Japanese Studies, Latin American Studies, Legal Studies, Media Production, Sports and Health in Society, Social Media, Sports Economics, Women's Studies. Students who may be interested in designing their own major should contact their academic advisor or email Dr. Catherine Danielou at