Interdisciplinary Minor

Director: Michele Forman (Media Studies/History)

Committee: Danielou (College of Arts and Sciences), Pellathy (Art/Art History), Millard (History), Phillips (Music), Shackleford (Theatre), Siegel (English),

The College of Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Film Minor is a 21-hour program. Coursework must be chosen from a minimum of 3 disciplines. Students may petition to substitute courses for up to 6 credit hours. Please contact the director of the minor for information regarding course substitutions and let your academic advisor know as well. Substitutions must be approved 6 months before graduation.

 Minor in Film

Select seven (7) courses from three different disciplines from this list: 121
Black Image: Screen and Television
Four-Dimensional Design Foundations
Visual Literacy & Application Foundations
Beginning New Media
Creativity and Imagination
New Media - Special Topics 1
New Media- Special Topics 2
New Media- Special Topics 3
Advanced New Media
Visual Media Production I
Visual Media Production II
Live Studio Production
Media and Society
Introduction to Film and History
History of Documentary Film
Women in Film
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Representing American Identity on Film
Ethnographic Filmmaking/SL
Media and Public Service
Independent Media Studies
Internship in Media Studies
Special Topics in Media
Special Topics in Media Studies
Interpreting Film
Beginning Poetry Writing Workshop
Beginning Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop
Beginning Fiction Writing Workshop
Special Topics in Film
History of World Movies I: The Origins to 1960
History of World Movies II
French-Speaking Cinema
Popular Culture in American History
The American Film
American Independent Film
Film in the 1960s
American Film and Violent Society
Computer Music I
Recording Technology I
Multimedia Productions
Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society
Introduction to Cinema
Film Technology: Cinematography, Audio and Editing
Plays on Film
Screenwriting I
Screenwriting II
Video Editing
Beginning Narrative Filmmaking
Intermediate Narrative Filmmaking
Acting for the Camera
Film Directing
Advanced Narrative Filmmaking
Audio for Film: Recording and Mixing
Music Video Production
Individual Project in Film
Individual Studies in Film
Film Internship/Capstone
Total Hours21